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Yuki Miwa Christmas Press Event 2011….

I’ve featured Yuki on my blog a couple of times in the past and so was thrilled to be invited to their Christmas Press Event on Tuesday. It was a lovely evening filled with cocktails and cupcakes, I couldn’t eat the cupcakes but the Midori cocktails were lush!!

Here’s a few snaps I took of the evening:

I was particularly impressed with the tunics and shirts they had on show, I think this is something that Yuki does really well. They can be dressed up or dressed down, perfect for any occasion! I especially liked the one on the top left with asymmetric pleat detailing  and the one on the top right with the chain print back. The colour palette of the collection are all my favourites; navy, cream, a dark teal and rust. They’re quite muted colours,which I like; I think it adds to the classiness. Here are a couple more of my favourites:

Miwa Drape Snakeskin Cardigan – I love this it’s really unusual

Yuki Tokyo Sweetheart Jumper Black – I really want this but can’t decide whether to get it in black or cream!

Miwa Limited Metallic Feather Dress Grey- Miwa have got some gorgeous party dresses, perfect for all those Christmas parties coming up. I think this little number was my favourite.

If you would like to receive a special 15% discount then visit YukiTokyo and enter my discount code DESIGN152011 at the checkout.

It was nice to meet some fellow bloggers, I spent ages chatting to Emily from Wardrobe Block, her blog is great so check it out if you have a moment to spare.


First Lecture….

On Monday I had my first lecture for my module “Multi Disciplinary Design” and I enjoyed it soooooo much! It was really interesting discussing product life cycles and different types of markets. I’m so happy right now because for the past few weeks I’d been starting to worry whether I should have stuck with a design based degree rather than going into the business side. But if the other modules on the course are as good as this one then I think that this will be perfect for me. I know it’s incredibly early to say but I feel like this degree will give me much better options.

I haven’t worn this dress since I first bought it a few months ago. To be honest I’d kind of forgotten about it. Styled it in a completely different way with my H&M booties and this amazing leather jacket. Can you believe it was actually Dave’s when he was little? He used to wear it when he rode on the back of his Dad’s motorbike, don’t think he could even fit his arm in the sleeve now but I love it and the best part is it didn’t cost me a penny!

Dress: Yuki, Topshop

Ankle Boots: H&M

Leather Jacket: Vintage

Keeping Busy…

I’ve spent the past couple of days doing all sorts of things that I haven’t been able to do for the past few months as I have been locked indoors doing uni work! We spent a few hours in the park yesterday after I finished work, I wore another new dress that I bought in London. Dave set up his slack line for the first time in a few years, the photo makes it look like I’m a lot better at it than I actually am! My sister, Hannah, just managed to take the photo before I fell off:

Dave was much better:

We generally just had fun messing around in the sun, until it started to rain…

Dress: Yuki for Topshop

Today I’ve been some what of a domestic goddess; I made Dave his favourite chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream filling (from one of my favourite books The Whimsical Bakehouse, then I did some gardening until I got rained off. That was the morning, then in the afternoon I made Rhubarb and Ginger Chutney and roast beef with all the trimmings.

Back to my sewing tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend Emily for a coffee in the morning to pick up my sewing machine (I lent it to her so that she could get her uni work finished) and then I’ll be coming home to make myself  a sleeveless blouse for the weekend. Or I might make a corset, I haven’t drafted a pattern yet so will decide tomorrow. I have two conversational print cottons that would be perfect for the rockabilly theme; one is pale blue with cowboys and indians, the other is pale pinky colour with multi coloured mushrooms. Very excited to be making something for myself, it seems ages since I did.