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A beautiful spot…

We drove a different route on our way home from the gym last weekend and stopped after seeing this lovely stone archway to do a quick outfit shot:

Extreme Dip Back Top: ASOS

This top has just gone into the sale on ASOS and I’m so tempted to buy it in Nude, it doesn’t look nude to me; more of an pastel peach (bang on trend for SS12 ice cream shades).

Body Chain: Topshop

Leggings: Urban Outfitters

The whole place seems the ideal location for the photo-shoot, I didn’t want to take any pictures of the gardens without getting permission. I’ve been in contact with them and they have agreed I can do the shoot there which is one thing off my list, I hadn’t scheduled to organise the location for a few weeks yet but after stumbling upon the perfect spot I thought I would get in there as soon as possible!!

I spent a bit more time in the print room last week to add the final layer to my first repeat design.

Just as a trial and a first attempt I’m quite happy with it but I’ve got a lot that I will need to put into action when developing the final prints; lines on the screen need to be much finer as even with just one pull on the screen the lacey print has lost its definition. I’m also going to need someone to hold the screen still when I print the real thing; my screen moved ever so slightly on the final layer, you can barely tell but I can’t risk anything going wrong on the end product so I will need to secure the screen. I’ve come a long way but still learning.


Shiny shiny goodness….

Rediscovered my Deena + Ozzy patent gold boots this morning. They are so shiny and pretty, I wore them with fur trimmed socks and I think it looks really cute.

Jacket: New Look

T-Shirt: Topshop

Leggings: River Island

Fur Trimmed Socks: Topshop

Boots: Deena+Ozzy, Urban Outfitters

So I went a little bit gothic with my make up today, as close to dressing up doe Halloween as I got really. I’ve got sweets but secretly hoping we get no trick or treaters so that I can eat them myself! Completely shattered today; I was awake most of the night stressing out about uni and just as I got to sleep, Bracken woke me up by being sick on my bedroom floor. Between the two of us we’ve been feeling really sorry for ourselves this morning. But he seems much better this afternoon, his tails wagging again and I’ve settled on my proposal for my main project. We’re having an early night tonight and we’ll be back on top of the world tomorrow.

Life is Sweet….

Great day today, got everything I intended to do done today and also got to sit outside in the beautiful sunshine to eat my lunch. My mum said this dress reminded her of something my nan wore in the 70s. My nan was a rather glamorous lady back then so I didn’t mind the comparison:

Dress: Sparkle and Fade from Urban Outfitters

Sandals: New Look

Sunglasses: Got these last year, wish I could remember where from because I love them!

A crisis was narrowly averted though: my sister was using both of the mannequins at my mums and didn’t want to take her stuff off them. I was tempted to go ahead and just cut everything out in the real fabrics but decided not to risk it. Boy was I glad as I realised that the front waistband section of  the final dress was not right at all, I had gathered the bodice into it but not really thought much of it. After trying it on the mannequin, I measured the waistband against the pattern pieces. They matched perfectly so I knew my sewing wasn’t at fault. So I measured it against the original skirt block, I don’t know what on earth I had done but the waistband was 5cm short (on the half)!! I corrected the pattern and then also corrected the skirt panels; now that the waistband had increased I needed to divide that additional 10cm between the 10 skirt panels. I think it is going to look amazing though, ignore the colours it’s just the toile. What do you think?

And this is the finished toile of the second dress:

Once I had corrected my patterns I cut everything that I could out and overlocked all the edges. The only thing I’m not sure about is what to line both dresses with, I had intended to self line them with the same silk chiffon. But it’s so fine that even with a double layer it may still be see through.

Planning a day on the sketchbook, out in the garden tomorrow and a massive run tomorrow. Then back to my mum’s for four days on Friday morning via the haberdashery to get as much sewing done as possible 🙂

“Those Are Some Very Smart Boots”….

I had numerous complinments for my boots on Friday. I love these boots but I spent about 15 minutes in the morning trying to find a good outfit to wear with them. Any suggestions?

Black Lace Dress: Warehouse

Cardigan: Topshop

Number Tights: ASOS

Boots: Urban Outfitters

Had a very successful day getting fabric samples in Birmingham, my favourite was a crepe georgette. It was exactly what I had in mind, the price was fairly reasonable too. I have some samples on order from some wholesale companies aswell though because I’m going to need such a larges amount that I should be able to get the cost per metre down a bit.

Design Crazy….

Phew, I’ve been such a busy little bee the past few days. I have soooo many designs now, Paris truly gave me some inspiration and got me back into the flow of things. I’m really happy with what I’ve come up with, I’m going to get them all scanned in so I can polish them up a bit on Photoshop before emailing them to my mentors for some feedback. I want to wait and see what they think before I come up with the final designs; I want to know if there’s anything about them that is going to be particularly challenging and also just what they think works best. I’m sorry I can’t show the designs to you but I can’t risk someone pinching my ideas 😦

I went to see my friend Lydia this morning, we spent the morning drinking coffee, watching Gilmore Girls (trust me it’s awesome) and working on illustrations (her’s are amazing). We decided that my velvet headband/turban was a cross between 1920s flapper glamour and 1940s housewife!!! I’m also wearing my long-awaited Urban Outfitters dress. I bought this back in November in the sale, but was trying to save money and felt so guilty about spending money on myself that my mum bought it from me as a Christmas present. It’s a long story but due to flu and various other things I only just got it 2 weeks ago!! I did wear it in Paris but today was the first time we’ve photographed it. Barry M number 141 is a perfect match:

Headband / Turban: Topshop

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Brogues: Topshop

Not the best of days….but I do love my new boots…

It’s been a strange day today, I’ve got a lot achieved that I’m really pleased with but also had a bit of a crisis of confidence this afternoon over my designs. Think I’m ok about things now, I still have a lot more designs to do before I settle on the final ones anyway. When Tracey looked at the childrens designs I had done so far she said I should take into consideration whether it is suitable to have them gathered at the waist when children don’t have much of a shape. But I think it should be ok, a few of the designers that I take inspiration from have dresses that have gathering at the waist and models are going to be around 8 years old which is the age that the basic block alters anyway. I’m going to redraw the designs I have with a dropped waistline and a higher waistline to give me the option of what that would look like too and then decide for sure. I’ve been so shattered today, I think I let things get on top of me a bit but I’ve had a better evening; got lots done and ready for an early-ish night tonight.

I’ve been trying not to spend much money lately but these boots were too much of a bargain to resist. I popped into town yesterday to buy some new pens and saw them in Topshop: reduced to £15 (and they are real leather) I thought it would be foolish not to buy them!! I’ve also been wanting to feature my beautiful Style Hurricane Ear Cuff for over a week now, I wanted to get a nice arty shot of it but me and Dave have been to snowed under with uni stuff to do a decent shoot. I’ll try and get some better pictures soon but I just had to show you how beautiful it is.

I have featured this top before but have never shown the back of it, silly really cuz that’s the reason I bought it in the first place!

Ear Cuff: Style Hurricane

Fringe insert top: Topshop

Bralette: Topshop

Leggings: Urban Outfitters – I’m still in love with these, they’re so velvetty 🙂

Boots: Topshop

Faux fur snow leopard coat: River Island

Black Swan…..

Wow, we just got home from seeing Black Swan and it was epic. Natalie Portman’s acting was incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever been so drawn into a film before. It was so intensely dark but so beautiful. Rodarte’s costumes were spectacular, I’ve been waiting for months for the film to come out after reading that they were doing the costumes. It’s such a shame that they won’t get the recognition that they deserve, read this article from Fashionista to find out why. I knew the film was going to be dark, but I didn’t realise just HOW dark it was going to be; I feel like I just need to sit quietly to calm down and let my heart rate return to normal!!

I’d definitely recommend going to see it, just be prepared! I want to watch it again, not for a while though.

I’m going to start on some uni work now, don’t feel like I’ve got anywhere near enough done today but then I never feel I’ve done enough! I’m researching designer/brands that I aspire to be like for my business module, I have rather a long list at the moment so think I’m going to have to narrow it down a bit. I think it would be better for me to research 10 or so really thoroughly rather than trying to research more and not having in depth enough information.

This is the outfit I wore today, it was the first outing for my Deena+Ozzy, Urban Outfitters boots. Aren’t they the shiniest, beautifulist boots you’ve ever seen?!! I saw them in the Oxford Circus Urban Outfitters but they only had a size 3 & 4 left, three weeks later they popped up in the sale on the website 🙂

Dress: Topshop

Tights: Falke

Boots: Deena+Ozzy at Urban Outfitters