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Enrolment Day….

So last week I had to go into uni to enrol onto my final year, I am now officially studying “Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries” or “ECCI” for short! It looks like it’s going to be so different to my Fashion Foundation Degree, I just really hope that it’s what I want it to be. I think I will have to keep a Reflective Learning Journal again so you’ll be kept well up to date with what I’m learning and how it’s going.

Maxi Skirt: Topshop

Scarf: River Island

Denim Jacket: H&M

Ankle Boots: H&M

Vest: Tesco

Looking forward to getting back into it but already missing the summer. I’ve been so busy the past few months and have gained some fantastic experience but really excited to get back into academia, who’d have thought it?

I’m so in love with this maxi skirt from Topshop, I really wanted the maroon coloured one too but there’s only big sizes left on the website. The boots are becoming a bit of a staple at the moment too, they just go with everything and were such a bargain (they were only £14.99). I’m going into town tomorrow so think I may have to see if they still have the tan ones, although the number of pairs of boots in my wardrobe is getting a bit ridic now. What are your autumn staples?



Red Laces……

Ok, I know this is getting stupid now; I’ve bought another new pair of boots. However, I had to. I first saw these boots in Topshop on Oxford Street in October, they were so beautiful; the softest navy blue leather, red laces and fluffy inside (the whole of the boot not just the top bit). A sales assistant brought the box to me and I took them to the till, on the walk to the till though I talked myself out of it; telling myself I couldn’t afford the £70 price tag when I had Christmas presents to buy. Fast forward to the end of March and the tiny Topshop by my uni campus and there they were, one pair on the last chance to buy shelf and reduced to £30.

Excuse Bracken’s tail in the shot!!

Cardigan: Topshop

Dress: F+F Tesco

Boots: Topshop

The toile of the second dress is progressing well, I’ve begun drafting the pattern for the skirt which is shorter at the front (just above the knee) graduating down to full length at the centre back. I made up a full length skirt with added flare and then cut it to shape that I wanted whilst it was on the stand, then transferring the alterations onto my paper pattern. I felt that this was a better way to do to it, rather than trying to guess at the shape on paper. I did also decide to lengthen the centre back by 17cm, blending it into the side seams as I want it to have more of a puddle effect.

My next step is to add in the ruffles to the paper pattern to make it look like my sample, I’m essentially using the same method I use to insert pintucks but inserting 10cm sections instead of 0.5cm!!

I’ve been looking at other ruffled dresses to compare the construction methods used, all the ones that I’ve found seem to be gathered strips sewn onto the dress . Like this Monique Lhullier dress:

These look beautiful, but I do like the way that the ruffles on mine will actually be a part of the skirt rather than sewn on afterwards.



Woohooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve had a conditional offer for “Entrepeneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries” course at Staffs Uni, I’m so happy….and relieved!! My UCAS track says that the condition is that I complete my foundation degree which I’m obviously going to do! It’s a big weight off my mind, as I was really worrying about what I would do as Dave had been accepted onto a PGCE course at Staffs.

I’ve almost finished drafting the pattern for one of the womenswear dresses today, it’s taken me ages to work out how the pattern would work. I’ve had to move and remove darts and add in flare and pintucks etc. My brain hurts! I’ll toile it tomorrow, I’m hoping that there won’t be too many alterations to make as the other two are going to be even more complicated.

Todays look; French vintage, 1940s style hair blended with Topshop! What do you think?

Blouse: Topshop

Coulottes: Vintage from a shop in Sacre-Couer, Paris

Stockings: Topshop

Brogues: Topshop

Blogging makes me dress better…..

I only went out to do the food shopping today but I didn’t want to post a boring outfit. So blogging means that I make more of an effort; even when I’m only going to Tesco!!

I bought this vintage dress from ebay a couple of years ago, it’s one of my favourites and I wore it a lot over the summer last year. The weather wasn’t great today though so I teamed it with cream woolen falke tights. I’d put my hair into cushion rollers last night and then combed the curls this morning, it looked crazy! Catwalk style frizz, awesome but too much for the supermarket so I just pinned it all up on top of my head. Dave took my portrait on his pentax and mamiya film cameras and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. But he took photos on the digital too so that I had them for my blog:

Dress: 198os vintage via ebay

Tights: Falke

Shoes: Primark

I’ve got all the toiles for the childrenswear finished today. I’m happy with how it’s all turned out, I’ve had to make a few adjustments as I’ve gone along but I’ll scan all the notes in tomorrow if you want to read about it. I have made the toiles from calico but want to re-toile one of the sleeves tomorrow from something much more light weight (perhaps some polyester lining fabric) so that I can get a more realistic idea of how it would drape. The dresses look good but I need to try them on the tailors dummy to check the fit and so that I can photograph them. I’m in uni tomorrow, so I can start on the womenswear designs as I don’t have a size 12 block at home.

I got myself a bit stressed out this afternoon; I’ve been checking my email at regular intervals to see if I’ve had anything from UCAS track but nothing has come through yet. Dave and I took Bracken for a walk this afternoon and I suddenly got in a panic about how much time I have left on my FMP and also what I will do if I don’t get onto the course that I want. I’m trying to stay calm, I’m hoping to go to London on Wednesday; I’m going to go to Shepard’s Bush as my mentor told me that she saw loads of pleated fabrics on Goldhawke Road and it will probably be cheaper for me to buy it ready pleated if I can find something suitable.

Sunshine on the window, makes me happy….

The sun has been shining again today 🙂 we even took my photograph outside at 6pm and the sun was still shining. Winter is finally on the way out, yay!! Not quite warm enough for no coat yet though.

So I had my interview today, I was very nervous. I hope that it went ok, I said as much as I could to sell myself to them! But they didn’t give anything away and it could be up to 2 weeks before I even find out if I’ve got on the course. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The number tights gave out today, this is the problem with sheer tights. They cost me £10 and I’ve only worn them 3 times before making a hole in them. Check out my nails too, I did them last night to try to distract me from my interview. Pretty cute though eh?

Dress: Topshop

Parka: Miss Selfridge

Tights: ASOS

Boots: River Island

Sunglasses: Rayban

Nail Varnish: Barry M Mint Green, Barry M Pale Pink, Models Own Black Nail Art Pen and Max Factor 704

And Breathe….

Tomorrow is my interview at Staffordshire University for the “Enrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries” Top-up Year. I had absolutely no idea where I was going and Dave is working tomorrow so I have to drive myself there. I know I’m perfectly capable of getting myself there (especially with the wonders of modern technology ie. satnav) but I was still in a panic about it and so did a test run today. It’s incredibly easy to find and should only take 25 minutes but I think I’m going to go super-duper early and sit in a cafe on campus, it saves me stressing and rushing. I hate being late for things, I’d rather be an hour early and relax before going in (well try to anyway!).

The rest of my day has been spent making some changes to my business plan, I’ve managed to reduce the costings tremendously and so it looks a lot more realistic. I’ve got it all formatted and presented nicely too, I want to take it to my interview to show that I am already getting some relevent knowledge and experience for the course. I’m completely on top of things for Start-Up Planning and Promotion now, I’m going to miss tomorrows session as I’ll be at my interview but will try and get the relevant information from the lecturer so that I can keep up to date.

The weather has been beautiful today, it’s still a bit chilly for me but the sunshine has been lovely. I even had to get the raybans out 🙂

T-Shirt: American Eagle

Skirt: Topshop

Cardigan: Topshop

Tights: River Island

Boots: River Island

So wish me luck, all my stuff is packed and ready to go. I’m going to go and cook us a nice tea now and have a glass of wine!

Feeling poorly but making good progress….

Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I’ve been feeling really sick all week and haven’t had much energy. As I’ve been feeling ill, I’ve worked from home this week and have therefore not really worn anything worthy of blogging. I did pop in to uni for a couple of hours this morning though and used this as another opportunity to wear my beautiful new boots, this time I teamed them with a black bodycon dress, brightened up with raspberry wool tights:


Dress: Topshop

Tights: Falke

Boots: River Island

I’ve got a lot done this week,  sometimes I wish I could work from home all the time as it’s so much easier to work with all my things around me. Plus I don’t lose all the travel time! My portfolio is ready for my interview for the Top-Up Year at Staffordshire University on Monday (trying not to get too nervous about this!!) and I have toiled one of my childrenswear designs and am well on the way to getting the second one done. The bodice of the dress I have toiled has tucks the whole way across the front and back; it took me a couple of hours yesterday drafting the pattern for the front as I had to split the pattern and spread the sections but thankfully Stefanie at Anna Scholz has explained a better way to do this and so I was able to draft the back really quickly. The method she explained is much quicker and means that I didn’t end up with a pattern covered in strips of tape! I have to say I’m really pleased with how the toile has turned out. It looks exactly as I had imagined but I need to add a seam into the centre back so that I can put a concealed zip in as the head hole is rather small otherwise!

I have work in the morning and then I’m meeting my sister and a friend for a late lunch but will hopefully make progress with the next design tomorrow evening.