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Fashion Weeks…

So I’ve been checking Style.com several times a day for the past few weeks, keeping myself updated with all the SS11 collections. This morning I have fallen in love with the latest Alberta Ferretti collection:

It’s a very wearable collection, and has such an ethereal beauty; so floaty and princess like. Unfortunately I don’t think it can really fit in with my Structured Silhuoettes brief, even if I am interested in things being both structured and delicate. But I shall keep admiring it anyway 🙂 

 Hmmmm now what to wear today, my wardrobe is looking even less exciting now!!


Couture Clothes Show Collection: Structural Silhouettes

We got our brief today; To design and create a couture collection of 8-10 garments (as a group) for display on Stafford College’s exhibition stand at this year’s Clothes Show Live at Birmingham’s NEC, taking inspiration from the title “Structural Silhouettes”. We must make sure we cover all aspects from research and design to pattern cutting and garment manufacture, resulting in both 2D (mood boards and design boards) and 3D outcomes (final garments).

Assessment 1 counts for 70% of this module: a portforlio of development work and reolved outcomes e.g. mood boards, designs, sampling, final garments.

Assessment 2 counts for 20%: an evaluation of the projects through a range of communication methods.

Assessment 3 counts for 10%: Reflective Learning Journal.

As we have to produce the collection as a group but still need to have our own individual work for our portfolios, we have decided to get our own mood boards done by Monday. Once we have these displaying our own interpretation of “Structural Silhouettes” we will be able to decide on a common theme and then start producing designs. Below is my brainstorm for the title:

Structural Silhouettes Brain Storm

After doing the brain storm I started research in the library, I took photocopies from books of Issey Myake and Commes des Garcons for my mood board. I started looking at other designers on Style.com and was absolutely dumbfounded by the Example
Marchesa S2011 RTW Collection! It’s so beautiful, and the silhouettes are very structural. Below are a few of my favourites:

I love the cream, ruffled, cut-out dress; it reminds me of paper doilies! I really like the idea of using a stiff fabric that could hold cut out shapes. I also like the idea of folding and draping fabric like the cream dress that looks like it is covered in giant roses. I’m totally inspired by Marchesa, I think there will be numerous pieces of their work on my mood board!