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Reflecting on my sketchbook so far…..

I went back through my sketchbook yesterday evening, just going over the pencil annotations in pen. It’s funny to look back at the first few pages already though, the idea and colour scheme is so much more developed now (as you would expect!!) but at the beginning I was thinking more about prints and flashes of bright colours:

However when I’ve started designing, I’ve focused much more on the cut of the garment (with pleating being a major feature). There is research on this in my sketchbook, I’ve been doing a lot of studies into things in nature that are a contrast of strong lines and fragility:

 But I think I need to go back to it now and work on it a bit more to show where the pleating has developed from (my main basis for using pleating on soft, light fabrics was that I wanted to play on the contrast of structured lines and fragility in nature). I just want to emphasise this a bit more in my sketchbook and the choice of the final colour palette. I can use this research to create a colour board and a pleating theme board.