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Trying my best to understand…..

I’ve started all 3 of  my modules now for my final year now; Multi-Disciplinary Design, Entrepreneurship Preparation and Engaging with Professional Practitioners. To be perfectly honest I’ve felt completely and utterly overwhelmed all week.  Particularly when it comes to the Multi-Disciplinary Design module, it seems so different to anything I’ve done before and I was really stressing that it was going to be over my head and that I’m out of my depth. So yesterday, I spent a few hours reading the module handbook cover to cover. I think that a large portion of the module is going to be researching and understanding what design strategy actually is to enable me to come up with a solution. This may sound very vague and woolly, but it kind of is at the moment!! I have 3 weeks to do some initial research into the babies, toddler and childrenswear sector. I’m also doing some reading into what people actually interpret design to be and how to best put it to use. It’s certainly challenging me but I’m beginning to find some good resources and hopefully once I’ve really got my teeth stuck into it, it will start to become a bit clearer.

The “Entrepreneurship Preparation” module seems fairly straight forward, it’s basically writing the proposal for my dissertation/major live project next semester. I have a rough idea that I want to pursue and so I think it’s just finding a starting point. We’re off to Manchester tomorrow, visiting Smithfield Craft Centre to do a case study on a designer/business based there.

The final module I have this semester is an optional one, I’ve chosen “Engaging with Professional Practitioners”. I’m pretty comfortable with what I have to do for this one, it’s essentially a work experience module. I’m hoping to do some work for Damselfly for this, I just need to finalise the dates but it’s very exciting.

I realised I haven’t posted a picture of my hair since I had the colour re-done on Saturday:

It was the exact baby pink colour that I wanted but it’s already faded a lot, I think it will probably only last another wash but never mind.

Dress: Topshop

Belt: Topshop


Reflecting on my sketchbook so far…..

I went back through my sketchbook yesterday evening, just going over the pencil annotations in pen. It’s funny to look back at the first few pages already though, the idea and colour scheme is so much more developed now (as you would expect!!) but at the beginning I was thinking more about prints and flashes of bright colours:

However when I’ve started designing, I’ve focused much more on the cut of the garment (with pleating being a major feature). There is research on this in my sketchbook, I’ve been doing a lot of studies into things in nature that are a contrast of strong lines and fragility:

 But I think I need to go back to it now and work on it a bit more to show where the pleating has developed from (my main basis for using pleating on soft, light fabrics was that I wanted to play on the contrast of structured lines and fragility in nature). I just want to emphasise this a bit more in my sketchbook and the choice of the final colour palette. I can use this research to create a colour board and a pleating theme board.

Starting Research for my Final Major Project….

I got the module handbook for my FMP today, I’ve spent about 6 hours today doing some initial research. I’ve gathered loads of images that relate to my theme so I can start my moodboard tomorrow. I need to speak to Tracey first though to check that she agrees with my proposal, I don’t think it should be a problem as Jayne seemed happy with it before Christmas. I also got a book out from the library on my out of uni: Basics Fashion Design 01 Research and Design and took some photocopies from some past issues of Collezioni Trends, I wanted to get some ideas for layouts for my boards and sketchbook. I’ve registered to visit Bubble at the end of the month too, it’s a childrenswear trade show in London. I’ll be able to tie in this visit with a trip to the museums I need to go to, this will ensure I get lots of primary research.

This is the outfit I wore today, I went to sleep with wet hair and woke up with this boho rocker effect! I very much doubt I’ll be able to get my hair to look like this intentionally so I thought I’d make the most of it and wear my velvet maxi. I love this skirt but it’s pretty much impossible to walk in, I ended up hitching it up to walk to uni from the car!

Satin racer back vest: Topshop

Velvet Maxi: Miss Selfridge