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All Tucked Out….

I’m sorry for the unexplained absence over the past week, things have been pretty hectic; I’ve worked a few extra shifts, been to London, doing uni work and feeling a bit under the weather. So I have lots to tell you about! I’ll split it down over the next few days postings.

All my paper patterns are done now, I just need to toile the third ladies dress and I’ve made good progress with this today. This is the dress I talked about in my last post, the skirt is made up of 10 panels; 5 of vertical pleats and 5 of horizontal pin-tucks. It’s taken me absolutely ages today but I’ve sewn all the horizontal tucks into the 5 panels. It may not sound like a great deal but each panel has 48 tucks, so in total I’ve sewn 240 pin-tucks today!!! If I see another one I may scream; my neck, shoulders and back feel like one solid piece of rock! It should be worth it, the panels I’ve done look lovely. I want to see if there’s an easier way to keep the tucks really neat and consistent though, as they are so tiny it’s really easy to go off the edge of the fold and then the stitches aren’t catching anything. The “Sewing Technique Bible” advises pressing the tucks into place before stitching them, this does make it easier to see where the stitches should be but doesn’t make any difference to the fabric slipping out of place. I will try and find out if there is anything I can do to make this easier, but if anyone reading this has any tips I would be very greatful?

I will start outfit posting again tomorrow, I promise. In the mean time I was looking through my old photos and found this one of an outfit I haven’t worn for about 6 months. Think I will try and wear this hat one day soon before winter is well and truly over:

Dress: Disorder

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Hat: The Village Scandal