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Playing with the Pleater…..

Rarrrrr!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent about 3 hours this afternoon messing around with the “Janome Ultimate Ruffler”, it’s a pleating attachment for my sewing machine. Well it’s supposed to be anyway. To start with it just wanted to suck the fabric down into the machine, getting into a huge knot and jamming up. Once I managed to sort this problem out, I tried out loads of samples with the attachment on different settings; pleating every stitch, every 6 stitches and every 12. I found the best setting was to have it set on 6 with my stitch length at 2.8. The problem is though, every once in a while it will miss a pleat and then you’ve got a big gap; I don’t think it’s reliable enough to use for my final garments. Plus, if the fabric is more than a couple of inches wide then you loose all definition of the pleats too. I’ve ordered a couple of meters of silk georgette and a manmade georgette to send off to the pleaters: hopefully this will have better results.

We stopped on the way home from uni to take my photo in a new location Dave had found; it’s this tiny little road that has literally been cut out of the rock. I think we could get some really cool shots if I was in the right outfit, it’s really bizarre all the roots from the trees above are trailing down the walls like in a fairy story:

Maxi Skirt: River Island

Fluffy Waistcoat: Topshop

Boots: Topshop


All done!

After my annoyance yesterday, I managed to get my second dress finished for the photoshoot. I’m so proud of this one, I think this one is actually wearable and is more chic than the first one. What do you think? I don’t think you can fully appreciate the pattern cutting that went into this, I am going to get Dave to photograph both sets of paper patterns so you can see what both dresses look like flat. The dress on the right of this picture was made by Becky Laing.

Here’s the first dress with cardboard cubes inserted to hold the shape. I’m also extremely proud of this, both will look great in my portfolio to show off my pattern cutting skills.

From left to right. Dress 1: Made by Emily Taylor, Dress 2: Made by Me, Dress 3: Made (and modelled!) by Millie Jackson, Dress 4: Made by Lydia Burton.

A very big thank you to Laura who designed and co-ordinated the shoot. (Laura is modelling Lydia’s dress and my gathered circle dress)