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Shiny shiny goodness….

Rediscovered my Deena + Ozzy patent gold boots this morning. They are so shiny and pretty, I wore them with fur trimmed socks and I think it looks really cute.

Jacket: New Look

T-Shirt: Topshop

Leggings: River Island

Fur Trimmed Socks: Topshop

Boots: Deena+Ozzy, Urban Outfitters

So I went a little bit gothic with my make up today, as close to dressing up doe Halloween as I got really. I’ve got sweets but secretly hoping we get no trick or treaters so that I can eat them myself! Completely shattered today; I was awake most of the night stressing out about uni and just as I got to sleep, Bracken woke me up by being sick on my bedroom floor. Between the two of us we’ve been feeling really sorry for ourselves this morning. But he seems much better this afternoon, his tails wagging again and I’ve settled on my proposal for my main project. We’re having an early night tonight and we’ll be back on top of the world tomorrow.



I spent most of my morning driving around this morning, but by lunchtime Dave’s (TimeToShoot)  first exhibition was up. I’ve written before about how talented he is, but must say I was rather proud to see it all framed and there for everyone to see.

I seem to have really settled into relaxation mode today and we spent the rest of the day drinking coffee, walking Bracken in the wood and then several hours chilling in the beer garden of the local pub. I needed a chill out but have been thinking of what outfit to make for Deva Dubs n’ Rods next weekend, theme is Rockabilly and Burlesque for the Saturday night 🙂 Best get practising my victory rolls in my hair too.

Here’s a few pics summing up our afternoon exploring the wood and hanging out in the beer garden:


Dress: River Island

Sandals: New Look












Keeping a diary is useless if you don’t look at it…..

I had a pedicure booked for today as a treat and for some reason was sure it was at 5pm. I planned my whole day around it, meeting and visiting various friends and family in various different locations. Just as I was setting off to meet my friend Rosie for a coffee this morning I had a phone call asking if I was ok because I’d missed my appointment at 10am, checked my diary and sure enough I’d even written 10am in there but was so sure it was at 5pm I hadn’t looked. Felt a bit of a twit really, I hate it when people miss appointments. So that was pants, but I’ve had a lovely day other than that, just got back from tea with another friend which was lush and spent a few hours out in my garden this afternoon too.

I bought these trousers yesterday in Topshop Oxford Circus (making the most of the 20% student discount offer at the mo!). Love, love, love  them! Me and my sister Hannah spent hours in Topshop. We had an absolutely brilliant day fabric and trimming shopping and of course clothes shopping! Will tell you more about it and my purchase tomorrow as I’m rather pooped. You can just see Bracken lurking behind me in this photo, we gave up on getting one without him in it as he didn’t want to leave my side!

Vest: Tesco

Flick Hemmed Satin Trousers: Topshop

Sandals: New Look


A Day Out In The Rain……

I had planned another day in the garden today, planting lettuce and stuff but it’s poured down all day. So we had a lovely day at the shoppsies in Chester instead. Chester’s a really lovely city but a it was raining so much we didn’t really get to explore the little back streets like I wanted to. It was even worse on the way home, don’t think I’ve ever driven in such heavy rain.

Plus I didn’t find anything to buy, I hate shopping trips where you don’t buy anything at all. Not even a lipstick. Dave made up for it though, he’s got lots of lovely new clothes. Jealous much. But I get to go to London on Wednesday, fabric shopping with my sis. So I’m sure I’ll make up for it then.

Still feeling weird not having uni work to do, but I’m working on building my website so that’s keeping me busy.

This is what I wore to run between shops in (sandals were a mistake, resulting in cold and wet tootsies);

Top: Topshop

Velvet Maxi Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Sandals: ASOS


So I’m finished! I submitted all my work on Friday, I have a week off and then have to go back and set up my exhibition. I thought it would feel like such a release, freedom! But it feels kind of weird, I got home and chucked away all the rubbish that has been collecting in my room for the past few months but then I didn’t know what to do with myself! I’ve got so used to doing uni work every minute of everyday that I just felt kind of empty. Did anyone else feel like this when finishing their degree?

I’ve never been any good at having nothing to do, I’ve spent my whole day yesterday gardening and brain storming with Dave what project I can start on next!

It was my friend Emily’s 21st birthday on Tuesday but we were all so busy with our FMPs that we had to put off celebrating until Saturday. It was so good to have a night out and actually enjoy myself without worrying about what work I should be doing. Bought this dress about 2 months ago and have been saving it for a suitable occassion. I think it’s pretty fierce, what do you think?

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: New Look


It’s Just Been One Thing After Another….

I’ve had one of those days today where everything seems to go wrong! Just a little taster of my bad luck: I got burnt on the hand by a woman walking past me waving her cigarette around, couldn’t use the print room as there was a class in there, went into Starbucks and realised I didn’t have my purse. One of my friends bought me my coffee, then once we’d gone back into uni I remembered that my petrol was on reserve. Millie came to my rescue again: we trecked back into town to a cashpoint and she lent me some cash to get me home!!

There’s more but I won’t go on, I’m writing today off as a bad day and am just going to have to be super duper productive all weekend to make up for it. I’m hoping I’ve had all my bad luck. Hoping for some success this evening though; I’m going to have a go at starting to build the website for my Start-Up Planning module.

At least I had a nice outfit on though:

Dress: Topshop

Socks: River Island

Cardigan: Topshop

Boater: New Look

Pintucking Perfection……

I’ve had a very successful couple of days,  I started yesterday with a run and then did some gardening in the sunshine. I was very pleased with myself because I had some baby salad leaves from my garden for lunch!! I picked a radish too but it wasn’t much bigger than a pea. I made some good headway with my sketchbook too, it tells much more of a story of my collection now. There’s still a lot more to do but it’s just a case of doing a little bit every day to keep on top of it.

I’ve spent today at my mum’s again, I’ve sewn all the pintucks into the skirt panels. It was so much easier on an industrial machine rather than my domestic one, they look so neat and the finished panels look beautiful out of the real chiffon. I’m looking forward to getting back to it after work tomorrow.

Whilst I was doing all my stuff yesterday, Dave cleared out the garage and came across a box of clothes I never unpacked from when we move. I was so very pleased, I’d only been thinking about this little red jacket a couple of weeks ago but thought I must have given it to charity:

Cropped Jacket: Topshop

Liberty Print Shorts: Topshop

Sandals: New Look

This is not the best picture of me I know, but we left it rather late to take it and didn’t realise it was so bad until I uploaded it. Love showing my tattoo off though. Now I’m in my jimjams so can’t take another. Dave’s coming over tomorrow so normal service will resume on the photo-taking front.