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Slowly But Surely….

The weather has been weird today, beautiful one minute and then thunderstorms the next. Finally managed to get an outfit photograph done just before it went dark:

Jumpsuit: Motel

Kimono Cardigan: Topshop

I’ve made some serious progress since my last post, I’ve put the lining into the pintucked bodice of the ruffle dress. It took me a lot longer than I had anticipated, I had to french seam the whole thing so that I could trim away the overlocked edge; if I hadn’t done this you would have been able to see the edge as the chiffon is so sheer. I have to say they are the most beautifully neat french seams in the entire world. Such a shame that you won’t be able to see them!! The bodice is ready now for the skirt to be joined onto it but I don’t want to do this until I’ve finished putting the fray stop onto all the raw edges.

I’ve hand-rolled and catch-stitched the neckline, armholes and opening of the pintucked and pleated dress. I still have the hem to do but there’s no point doing it until I know the height of the model.

I’ve dyed the silk linen for the women’s and child’s dragonfly dresses. It was quite good fun to do the sampling, I used proper acid dyes and so was able to make the exact colour that I wanted. Normally for silk you would only need 1ml of dye per 10g of fabric, but as the fabric was a mix I used 2ml of dye for a 5g sample piece of fabric. I worked out that to dye the full 4metres of fabric (weighing 665g) I needed 266ml of mixed dye, from my chosen sample this worked out as 106ml of yellow green, 106ml of green turquoise and 54ml of charcoal. To do such a large quantity I had to use an enormous steel pot on a gas burner out in the shed, I felt a bit like a witch at a cauldron as I stood there stirring it for half an hour!! This was the fabric before I dyed it, I almost didn’t want to dye it because it looked so beautiful:

I particularly love the blue selvedge, it would be nice to make this the feature of the garment if I had used it undyed; for example the bottom edge of a skirt or dress.

These were the different samples I created:

I need to find a nice box or something to display all my samples when I submit the project and it would also be nice to display them for the exhibition.


It’s Still Far Too Cold…

It looked gorgeously sunny outside today but I’ve been f-f-f-f-freezing all day! I’ve spent the whole day at uni, finishing drafting the pattern of the first womenswear dresses. The paper pattern is finished now and I’ve started cutting it out in calico to make up into a toile. It’s been a bit tricky working out the pattern but I really enjoy pattern cutting, I love looking at a design and working out how to turn it into a reality; it’s something that I feel comes quite naturally to me too. I’ve enjoyed working on this dress but it’s a little frustrating sometimes: I get so much more done when working from home with no distractions but then I get penalised if I don’t go in. At least I have the weekend now; I’m probably not going to get a lot done tomorrow as I have to work until 2pm and then I’m going to the ballet in the evening, followed by drinks for a friends 21st birthday. I’m so excited to see Swan Lake, I’ve never been to the ballet before; not sure what to wear?! I’ll try to get a bit of sewing done in the afternoon though and I have all day Sunday.

This was the outfit I wore today, I haven’t worn this jumpsuit for yonks. I don’t know why because I really love it.

Jumpsuit: Motel

Boots: Topshop

Cardigan: Topshop

Silk Headscarf: A gift a friend brought me back from China.


I feel rather French today in my red beret, one of the few things I like about winter is that I get to wear all my hats; I seemed to have a particular beret fetish last winter and now have four in different colours! I’m sure you will be seeing me in the others rather regularly if today’s weather is anything to go by; it’s far too rainy, cold and grotty to spend ages making my hair look pretty. Today’s photo was taken indoors in rubbish light, it’s always too dark when we get home to take the photo outside now.

Hat: Accessorize

Dress: Motel Rocks

Cardigan: Cherokee @ Tesco

Shoes: Faith

Cool as mustard…

Dave has gone off to Hungary today to work on a some car race thing, leaving me short of a photographer. So, todays photo is taken by my lovely friend Laura at uni. I’m actually starting to feel human again today, although I’m rather tired as I had to get up at 3.30am to take Dave to work!! Today’s outfit has an eighties feel to it, I love my mustard coloured tights and also love that you can see my tattoo through them!! Don’t know why I’m pulling a stupid face:

Dress: Motel Rocks

Jacket: Motel Rocks

Tights: Accessorize

Hair accessory: Topshop