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Broken Doll…

Cream Lace Dress: Topshop

Sailor Collar Jumper: Topshop

Cream Tights: Falke

Shoes: Miss Selfridge

First post of 2012! Hope you all had fabulous evenings. Mine was quiet and snuggley just as I intended; I made honey roast ham for Dave and honey roast vegetables for me…yum.

Today started bright and early with a 2 hour trek with Dave and Bracken, the rest of the day has been filled with uni work for both of us. As I’ve been glued to my laptop, today’s outfit is certainly not worthy of blogging. So this outfit is what I wore to my sister’s birthday meal the other night. It was really lovely but was the night we got home from Brugge and I was so tired I struggled to stay awake, my Dad’s girlfriend told me I looked like a broken china doll!


A Day Out In The Rain……

I had planned another day in the garden today, planting lettuce and stuff but it’s poured down all day. So we had a lovely day at the shoppsies in Chester instead. Chester’s a really lovely city but a it was raining so much we didn’t really get to explore the little back streets like I wanted to. It was even worse on the way home, don’t think I’ve ever driven in such heavy rain.

Plus I didn’t find anything to buy, I hate shopping trips where you don’t buy anything at all. Not even a lipstick. Dave made up for it though, he’s got lots of lovely new clothes. Jealous much. But I get to go to London on Wednesday, fabric shopping with my sis. So I’m sure I’ll make up for it then.

Still feeling weird not having uni work to do, but I’m working on building my website so that’s keeping me busy.

This is what I wore to run between shops in (sandals were a mistake, resulting in cold and wet tootsies);

Top: Topshop

Velvet Maxi Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Sandals: ASOS

A 1920s Bias Slip…..

This is the 1920s slip pattern that the costume lecturer, Hilary, brought in for me to look at. I just love it, the packaging, the illustrations and wondering who first owned it and what fabric they made it from. Even the pattern pieces themselves are lovely, there are no instructions or lines just little perforated holes:

I toiled it out of polyester lining fabric and it hangs really nicely, Tracey has said it would be ok for me to use this pattern as it’s just a slip to go underneath the actual dress. It was a tiny bit too big on the size 12 stand but I don’t want to adjust the pattern as there is a lot more bias-stretch in the silk ponge, so I think it will be better to make it and then take it in if necessary.

The photoshoot for this project has to be done for the 27th of May as well as the garments etc. It doesn’t have to be all the garments but at least some of them to show that I’ve planned it so that the lecturers have something to grade me on. I already have a good idea of how I want the images to look, and so we just keep stopping and taking photos to try and find the right location:

I like this shot a lot but it’s too manmade for the wild natural feel that I want.

Blouse: Topshop

Trousers Miss Selfridge

Brogues: Topshop

Ideally I need to find a location near Shrewsbury for my womenswear shoot and somewhere around Stafford for the childrenswear. Everywhere outside it so beautiful at the moment it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the perfect place, but for now the hunt continues!

Starting Research for my Final Major Project….

I got the module handbook for my FMP today, I’ve spent about 6 hours today doing some initial research. I’ve gathered loads of images that relate to my theme so I can start my moodboard tomorrow. I need to speak to Tracey first though to check that she agrees with my proposal, I don’t think it should be a problem as Jayne seemed happy with it before Christmas. I also got a book out from the library on my out of uni: Basics Fashion Design 01 Research and Design and took some photocopies from some past issues of Collezioni Trends, I wanted to get some ideas for layouts for my boards and sketchbook. I’ve registered to visit Bubble at the end of the month too, it’s a childrenswear trade show in London. I’ll be able to tie in this visit with a trip to the museums I need to go to, this will ensure I get lots of primary research.

This is the outfit I wore today, I went to sleep with wet hair and woke up with this boho rocker effect! I very much doubt I’ll be able to get my hair to look like this intentionally so I thought I’d make the most of it and wear my velvet maxi. I love this skirt but it’s pretty much impossible to walk in, I ended up hitching it up to walk to uni from the car!

Satin racer back vest: Topshop

Velvet Maxi: Miss Selfridge

Thursday seems so long ago….

Things are so hectic at the moment that Thursday seems a long time ago! On Thursday morning I had a coffee with Sam Lovell who runs the top-up year at Staffordshire Uni, I left her feeling so inspired and excited; the course seems absolutely perfect for me. It’s called “Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries”, it’s quite business orientated but that’s what I need if I want to set up my own business. Fingers crossed I can get in! Anyway this is what I wore, at long last I’ve got a picture of my lovely new coat:

Navy beret: Accessorize

Coat: River Island

Trousers: Miss Selfridge

White Socks: Accessorize

Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Playing catch up in many shades of purple…

This is actually what I wore on Friday, been so hectic with uni work and work that it’s been hard to keep up with the blog. I will try my best to get back on top of things. I love these shoes, they’re from New Look but look exactly like the more expensive pair that I wanted from Topshop! And I only almost broke my ankle once, rather proud of myself on that one!!

Jumper: Topshop

Velvet maxi: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: New Look

Purple Lipstick and purple nail varnish: Barry M

Mish mash…

Phew, soooo tired. Finally got home after many hours of travelling at 00:30 but then for some reason was very wide awake and have only had three hours sleep; suffering for it now and am just about to have another much needed hit of caffeine. Off to the hairdressers and so haven’t done anything fancy with my hair, so looking forward to it I’ve lost inspiration with my hair the past couple of weeks. Anyway, today’s outfit is rather a mish mash of lots of things I love:

Gold sparkley ankle socks: can’t remember where these are from, wish I could!!!

Stripey tights: Topshop

Black diamonte knickers: Topshop

Flamingo t-shirt: H&M

Parka: Miss Selfridge

Hat: Accessorize

Wow, that sounds even more random written down. But I like it so there 😉