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Tribal Warrior….

My plan for this morning was to work on some final designs from my favourite initial ones, but I haven’t liked anything that I’ve drawn as much as the initial ones!!! So I decided to put that to one side for a few days, until I’m back at uni and can go through them with my tutor. I have plenty to keep me busy anyway, I urgently need to start working out how to use the pleating attachment for my sewing machine or I’m going to have serious problems! Looking at the instructions it shouldn’t be too difficult but I need to test how long a piece of fabric can be before it loses the pleating. I also need to find a silk mixed with a manmade fibre (one of my mentors has suggested rayon or viscose), this is for the really long lengths that I want sunray pleated.

I’m feeling very pleased with myself, I’ve finished my business plan for Start Up Planning and Promotion (I think anyway!!). It’s only supposed to be a draft, but I’ve put so much research and work into it that I’m really hoping that there isn’t going to be a great deal that I need to change. I have a lot of internet research saved on my laptop to print when I’m in uni on Monday, it wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve filled a lever-arch file.

Onto today’s outfit, Dave said I looked like I was off the Tribe today (awesome kids programme we both used to watch)! I like to think I looked a bit edgier (and classier!) than that, though with my ear cuff and new Topshop eye crayon, tribal warrior had been the look I was aiming for:


I was wearing a bodycon dress but don’t feel it was right for the rest of the look, I think I just want a black oversized t-shirt dress and military boots.

Ear Cuff: Style Hurricane

Eye Crayon in Zephyr: Topshop