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Reflections from Paris…..

Ok, there is so much to write about my Paris trip but I think it’s most important to write about the research I’ve obtained and the things that inspired me before general Paris stuff.   

There were a couple of things I’d looked into before we went, one of which was the Fashion and Textiles Museum (Les Arts Décoratifs – Mode et textile), I wanted to visit the exhibition “Les années 1990-2000. Histoire idéale de la mode contemporaine vol. II” (Years 1990-2000. Ideal history of contemporary fashion). Just look at the list of designers that they had on display:

I was ridiculously excited to visit this exhibition and it didn’t dissapoint. Although they did only have one Alexander McQueen dress on display. I had never heard of E2 before but thought that this dress was cool:
It’s strips of fabric sewn in diagonal lines, I think it looks really effective and wondered whether it would be possible to produce a similar effect with pleating or tucks.
This Helmut Lang dress was equally inspiring to me:
It looked almost like fringing and really tight little gathers. It reminded me of shells and sea urchins.
I was really hoping that there would be a book/magazine on the exhibition but there wasn’t 😦
Next up was Premier Vision, this was primarily why me and Emily had decided to go to Paris. We got loads of information on the Spring Summer 2012 colours and trends which is fantastic primary research for my FMP sketchbook and to inform my designs. All the colours that I want to use for my collection: natural creams and bright floral colours were predicted to be popular for SS12 along with lots of prints: ideal for me as I wanted to incorporate my own print design. It was interesting to visit and see all the business that was being done, I wonder if I will be back there in the future looking for fabrics and trimmings for my own label? Or working for a design house?
The last trip I made in Paris was to the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle. The main inspiration for my FMP collection was the Natural History Museum in London so I thought it was essential to visit Paris’ equivalent.  It is a fantastic museum, they have several different buildings and outdoor gardens; the weather on that day was beautiful. If we had the time I would loved to have sat there all day drawing the plants and animals. I did do some sketches of plants, dragonflies and shells to go in my sketchbook. You are allowed to use cameras in the museum too, so I also got Dave to take lots of photos for me.
As I mentioned in my last post I was surprised at just how much bigger the market for children’s fashion is in France, there were countless little boutiques featuring brands such as Il Pinco Pallino, TroizEnfants etc as well as smaller, more independent brands; I found myself daydreaming of having my own little shop in Paris!!
One last little thing, I have to say I’m pleased with my Photoshop skills; the last two images on this post are created on Photoshop from scanned images. I know it’s still pretty basic but I’m teaching myself and am pleased with the results I’ve been getting so far.