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Not the best of days….but I do love my new boots…

It’s been a strange day today, I’ve got a lot achieved that I’m really pleased with but also had a bit of a crisis of confidence this afternoon over my designs. Think I’m ok about things now, I still have a lot more designs to do before I settle on the final ones anyway. When Tracey looked at the childrens designs I had done so far she said I should take into consideration whether it is suitable to have them gathered at the waist when children don’t have much of a shape. But I think it should be ok, a few of the designers that I take inspiration from have dresses that have gathering at the waist and models are going to be around 8 years old which is the age that the basic block alters anyway. I’m going to redraw the designs I have with a dropped waistline and a higher waistline to give me the option of what that would look like too and then decide for sure. I’ve been so shattered today, I think I let things get on top of me a bit but I’ve had a better evening; got lots done and ready for an early-ish night tonight.

I’ve been trying not to spend much money lately but these boots were too much of a bargain to resist. I popped into town yesterday to buy some new pens and saw them in Topshop: reduced to £15 (and they are real leather) I thought it would be foolish not to buy them!! I’ve also been wanting to feature my beautiful Style Hurricane Ear Cuff for over a week now, I wanted to get a nice arty shot of it but me and Dave have been to snowed under with uni stuff to do a decent shoot. I’ll try and get some better pictures soon but I just had to show you how beautiful it is.

I have featured this top before but have never shown the back of it, silly really cuz that’s the reason I bought it in the first place!

Ear Cuff: Style Hurricane

Fringe insert top: Topshop

Bralette: Topshop

Leggings: Urban Outfitters – I’m still in love with these, they’re so velvetty 🙂

Boots: Topshop

Faux fur snow leopard coat: River Island

Another Day, Another Trip to London….

I paid another flying visit to London yesterday, Bubble London was on and it was a good opportunity for me to see the different childrenswear brands that are in the market. I came across a few that I would like to contact to discuss the possibility of work placements. After Bubble, I went and met my friend Lydia at the Design Museum for the Drawing Fashion Exhibition. I’d been meaning to visit this since it opened at the beginning of November. I would recommend anyone with even a vague interest in fashion illustration visiting before the exhibition closes on March 6th, it was truly inspirational to see early Vogue illustrations by artists such as George Burbier and Georges Lepape. My main reason to visit though was to see Bernard Bloussac’s and Rene Gruau’s illustrations of early Dior collections. Both these illustrators works are so fluid and romantic, they draw me in and I could just stare at them for hours wondering what the model is thinking.

Best of all, whilst wondering around the exhibition I came up with a fantastic idea for my logo. I need to work on it a bit but fingers crossed I think it’s going to be really good.

Another trip to Yo!Sushi for tea, I really would eat sushi everyday if I could. It’s my favouritist food in the entire world nomnomnom getting rather hungry just thinking about it!

Had quite a few compliments for my outfit yesterday, was quite chuffed as it’s all really old stuff that I just hadn’t put together before. I must have looked a bit interesting as this guy on the tube was drawing me, I managed to get a sneaky peak as I got off at Angel and wish that I’d given him my email address because it looked a gorgeous sketch. Oh well, it’ll teach me for being shy.

Beret: Accessorize

T-shirts and vest: Topshop

Skirt: Love @ Topshop

Tights: Falke

Brogues: Topshop

Black Swan…..

Wow, we just got home from seeing Black Swan and it was epic. Natalie Portman’s acting was incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever been so drawn into a film before. It was so intensely dark but so beautiful. Rodarte’s costumes were spectacular, I’ve been waiting for months for the film to come out after reading that they were doing the costumes. It’s such a shame that they won’t get the recognition that they deserve, read this article from Fashionista to find out why. I knew the film was going to be dark, but I didn’t realise just HOW dark it was going to be; I feel like I just need to sit quietly to calm down and let my heart rate return to normal!!

I’d definitely recommend going to see it, just be prepared! I want to watch it again, not for a while though.

I’m going to start on some uni work now, don’t feel like I’ve got anywhere near enough done today but then I never feel I’ve done enough! I’m researching designer/brands that I aspire to be like for my business module, I have rather a long list at the moment so think I’m going to have to narrow it down a bit. I think it would be better for me to research 10 or so really thoroughly rather than trying to research more and not having in depth enough information.

This is the outfit I wore today, it was the first outing for my Deena+Ozzy, Urban Outfitters boots. Aren’t they the shiniest, beautifulist boots you’ve ever seen?!! I saw them in the Oxford Circus Urban Outfitters but they only had a size 3 & 4 left, three weeks later they popped up in the sale on the website 🙂

Dress: Topshop

Tights: Falke

Boots: Deena+Ozzy at Urban Outfitters

A Little Bit of Self Indulgance….

Normally I would only post one or two photos of myself, I don’t think any of you want to see millions of pictures of my prancing around! But we stopped for an impromtu shoot by the lake on the way home and the results were pretty epic. Whenever Dave takes my photo there is normally only a couple where I’m not pulling a stupid face but today I could have chosen about 20, so on this one occasion I’m going to indulge myself a bit and post a few:

I know you can’t see a great deal of my actual outfit, but it was so cold I wasn’t brave enough to take my coat off! The coat is from Topshop, I got it in the sale last January: major bargain reduced from £90 to £30. Underneath is a vintage dress that I got from Ebay, I bought this about 18 months ago but it was another item that had got lost in my wardrobe! My little organisation session has caused some awesome re-discoveries.

So anyway, onto the important stuff. I seem to have been procrastinating since I got home, I often find it hard at the start of a brief; there’s so much to do but where do you start? So I’ve gone back to my old friend, the list! I always find it easier when I actually write down the things I need to do and all the random thoughts that are in my head: it makes it easier to focus on one thing because it means I’m not trying to remember all the other things that are going on in my head.

Research Baby!!!

I have been working my little socks off this evening! I haven’t got anything in my sketchbook to show for it but have loads of links to print off when I get into uni tomorrow. I’ve also booked myself a place on a trend forecasting event in London next week and my train ticket for Bubble London. I’ve started to write a questionnaire too; to take into some childrenswear boutiques over the next few days, I need to find out what they look for when choosing new products to sell in their stores and what they feel is missing from the childrenswear market etc.

I’ve almost finished writing my proposal, there are a couple of points that I’m struggling to complete; hopefully Tracey will be able to help me finish it off tomorrow.

No outfit post today. Dave didn’t have time to take my photo as he’s been so busy working on the car, so I put on scruffy clothes and went for a two hour walk with Bracken in the wood instead. A few homemade items coming up over the next few days though so keep checking 🙂

No interview dates from my UCAS application yet, I am worrying a little but trying to keep a cool head!

My 1930s Tea Dress….

I don’t think I’ve featured this dress before, which is surprising as it’s one of my favourites. It’s a 1930s silk tea gown, it was my first proper vintage buy from a shop called Tea Gowns and Textiles in Leominster. I love the coral coloured silk and the hand embroidery on the collar is exquisite. I had my second tutorial with Lindsay today for Start-Up Planning and Promotion; I discussed my business idea with her and we agreed that over the next week I need to identify if there are companies producing anything similar and also boutiques through which I could sell my product. I need to write a questionnaire that I could take to these companies to help me understand what they are looking for when they choose their products. I also need to come up with a rough idea for a range plan, Lindsay suggested 12 pieces e.g 2 dresses, 3 tops etc.  There’s lots of research and thinking to do, I’m really enjoying it though. I don’t want to see this as a brief for uni, I actually want to treat it as a  live project so that I could actually take the business plan and put it into action straight away. The sooner I get the research and everything for this done the better, there are a couple of boutiques nearby that I want to take the questionnaire to before the next tutorial so writing that is one of my priorities.

I wanted to get a better picture of my new brogues up too, I picked these little beauties up in the Topshop sale on Friday.

Dress: 1930s vintage from Tea Gowns and Textiles

Cardigan: Topshop

Tights: Falke

Brogues: Topshop