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Finally Finished with Initial Designs….

Woohoo, I think I’ve finished with Initial Designs; I had about 30 in the end!! It took me a lot longer to get them scanned in, polished up on Photoshop and annotated. In fact it took me ALL DAY!!!!! But it’s done now and I’ve emailed them to my mentors for some feedback, which means that I’m on hold with the design process for the moment so I can focus on my business plan for a few days and some sketchbook work too. I’m popping over to Birmingham tomorrow to get some fabric samples which is always exciting, although I’m not looking forward to working out the costings; I’m planning on using silk and so it’s going to be expensive. But I know it will be worth it, I get really excited looking at the designs and picturing them going down the catwalk.

I only left my desk to take Bracken for a walk in the wood today; it was beautiful because it felt like everything was trying to grow. Spring is on its way 🙂 As I’ve basically been a recluse there is no outfit post today, I don’t think anyone needs to see me with my hair scraped back, in leggings and my trusty NYPD hoody! So I thought I’d show you some well dressed ladies, a few of my favourite collections from New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

Marchesa can do no wrong in my eyes, I love them more every season!! Plus I just read on Style.com that Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are English. Now I can feel proud of them too!

Their garments are always so beautifully cut, oh how I wish I was rich.

Rodarte are another design duo who I’ve been admiring for a couple of years, since they designed the costumes for Black Swan their coverage seems to have sky-rocketed. Everyone is talking about them this Fashion Week, it’s definitely well deserved. This Little House on the Prairie style collection is beautiful, I particularly like the wheat field printed dresses:

Vera Wang’s collection was simply stunning, I could have posted every single outfit! It’s all pleated too (my final collection features pleating heavily) so I think a lot of these images will be going into my research file:

I also need to create a pleating theme board so will use the images on that too. I put all these collages together on Photoshop using the Polygonal Selector Tool; I know it’s a technique a lot of bloggers use to display collections they like but this is the first time I’ve done it. I really like the effect so may use it to make my theme board and may well use it to create my theme board rather that printing the images out and cutting and sticking them!

Dave’s gone out tonight and so I’m going to continue with today’s work ethic and spending the evening putting together a start-up costing sheet for Start Up Planning and Promotion.


More designs….

And three days of outfit posts in a row, aren’t I doing well??!!! I’ve spent the day so far working on some more initial designs, I have to say I’m still really pleased with all of them and they all fit my brief well too. Hopefully going through them with Tracey tomorrow will help me identify the strongest elements to develop further into the final designs. I’m going to spend the evening working on print designs I think, and getting some estimates for fabrics and printing etc. But before I start on that I’ve been promising Dave for weeks that I would make him a cake! I got a bit carried away in the kitchen, I made soup, fairy cakes, a victoria sponge, jam tarts and a pie!!! I’m finally in my pjs ready for bed and to do it all again tomorrow. I wanted to show you the back of this blouse, I love the collar but I need to put a few tacking stitches in it as it flops about all over the place.

Hat: Accessorize

Blouse: Topshop

Skirt: Handmade by me.

Socks: Topshop

Brogues: Topshop