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Christmas Day Number 1….

This was what I wore for the first of our Christmas Day celebrations….

Dress: French Connection

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Corsage: Topshop

We had a lovely Christmas Day, we woke up at home and opened some presents together. Dave had bought me Blink 182 tickets which was a omplete surprise, it’s not until July 1st but I’m already excited about it. He also bought me a pair of Irregular Choice shoes and I have to say they are now my favouritist pair in the entire world! Then we went over to my Dad’s and had Christmas lunch with him, his partner, my sisters and their boyfriends. We had a really lovely time, I didn’t want to leave. But we did, we came home and I made a Christmas tea for the two of us and we snuggled up to watch Narnia in the evening. Today I had to work but Dave went and had ANOTHER Christmas dinner with his Grandparents! We were supposed to be on our way to my Mum and Manda’s now for Christmas Day Number 2 tomorrow but my Mummy is poorly sick (sending her love and cuddles) so we’re hoping to go to Lydia and Beck’s instead (originally planned as Christmas Day number 3 for Wednesday). It feels strange that I haven’t seen my Mum, it’s the first Christmas ever that we’ve spent apart but hopefully we will see them on Wednesday now instead.


Hippy hippy shake

Gone for a bit of a hippy look today. I’m getting ready to go to Exploring Specialist Pathway this morning, my pathway is Design, Cut and Manufacture; I’m really looking forward to getting my brief and getting started. I’m also really looking forward to meeting up with my bestest pal Lydia for a coffee later, haven’t seen her for weeks and am missing her very much; one thing you may start to realise about me from this blog is that I like coffee rather a lot! I’m kind of struggling with my wardrobe at the moment, it’s that tricky transitional time where it’s not time to wear proper winter clothes but it’s too grotty for summer ones. So today I’ve gone for:



Dress: Kate Moss for Topshop.

Knitted Waistcoat: Topshop, I love this little beauty.

Boots: River Island

I’m currently in love with this cape from French Connection too (not that I can have it):