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“But You’re Wearing a Cape Pomesy, You Can Take on the World!!!”

This morning I looked out the window and told Dave that I didn’t want to leave the house today; me and cold weather are not friends and it was looking particularly yucky. He said to me “but you’re wearing a cape Pomesy, you can take on the world!” and with that I set off for my introductory lecture for Clothing in Culture and Context. This is the theory module this semester, I’m really looking forward to it and have already loaded my bag up with books from the library. The brief is to “investigate a range of key contemporary and historical fashion and textile developments utilising a variety of research…..recognising key periods, designers, genres, theories and influences. It is vital that you include examples specifically┬árelating to your specialist pathway.” Assessment 1 is a 1500 word report discussing the areas of development chosen referencing social, political and art historical context. Assessment 2 is an illustrated case study of a designer/design style/ genre/ period accompanied by a 1500 word written account.

I’m planning on looking at World War II and how fashion changed, during and after this time for assessment 1; I could then look at a designer such as Dior and “The New Look” for assessment 2. I’m so inspired by┬ávintage, especially 1940s and 50s at the moment and I think it’s always easier to produce good work when it’s a topic that you are really into. There’s no assessment on the learning journal for this module but I will keep it anyway, it just helps me keep track of my thoughts and ideas. So I better start reading now……

Forties Fashion and the New Look

I’ve just found numerous Fashion Theory Journals on Igenta Connect that I want to read: Dior: The New Look, Nazi “Chic”?, Chanel: The Order of Things and Style. With those and all the books I’ve taken out, I’ve already set myself quite a reading list!