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Channelling My Inner Rock Chick….

Busy day today, spent most of it working on my sketchbook. I’ve got everything blu-tacked and made annotations in pencil at the moment but am happy with the layout so far so will start sticking things in properly. I’ve also discussed my FMP proposal with Tracey further, we have to have a mentor within the fashion industry as it has to be a live, industry linked project. This basically means that I need to get contacting some childrenswear and womenswear companies that I would potentially like to work for. Ideally I need to find someone who would be willing to be my mentor; they don’t need to do a great deal,  I just need to keep in occasional contact with them throughout the course of my FMP to get some professional feedback. 

My outfit today was channelling my inner rock chick. I’ve been looking for a high-waisted pencil skirt for ages but haven’t managed to find one that I really like (that I could afford at the moment anyway!). I also always have difficulty buying high-waisted stuff as my waist is so small, so I made my own. I really should make more stuff for myself, I love doing it,  just wish I had more time. But it all adds to my pattern cutting and manufacture experience so I’m going to do it more often. This only took me a couple of hours anyway and that included making the pattern:

A few silly shots for a bit of fun!

T-shirt: The Pogues

Pencil Skirt: Handmade by me

Tights: Topshop

Shoes: Faith

Belt: Topshop


Personal Planning Introduction

Today we had  our introduction to our module “Personal Planning”, the aim of this module is to get our portfolio up to scratch and also complete UCAS applications. I’ve registered for open days for Top Up Degree Courses at Manchester Met, Nottingham Trent and Bournemouth Arts College. I want to go somewhere that specifically offers a top-up degree course as if I choose somewhere that is just a degree course I would have to go in on the second year and so would end up doing a 4-year degree instead of 3.

Job Update

I’ll do a proper post later but it occured to me that I hadn’t updated you on the job situation; I got offered jobs at River Island and The White Stuff. I took the one at River Island because their stuff is more my style and they were offering more hours and if I wanted to the opportunity for career progression there sounds pretty good. Not that I’m planning a career in retail but you never know, it’s always good to have more options I guess. So I’m a River Island girlie in my jeans, staff t-shirt and radio now! So so not a jeans person, the only other pair I own are the ones I wear to walk the dog!