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Colour Blocking….

So I’ve been working flat out on a very exciting project for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more about it soon but at the moment I’ve got to keep it secret! I saw Dave very briefly on Sunday as I’ve been staying at my Mum’s house. He came over for the day and we went for a wander around Stokesay Castle in the sunshine. We got a few stares, I don’t think we are the usual clientèle; me colour clashing to the max and Dave with his camera and all his tattoos on show!

I adore this outfit but was absolutely heartbroken when I noticed a seam on the sleeve of my jacket was splitting. I’ve only worn it for a couple of hours, I was kind of expecting it as we had a lot returned to the store for the same reason but I thought I would get a bit more wear out of it. So I’ve had to cut my losses and return it as faulty, there was no repairing it as the edges hadn’t been overlocked and so were fraying away to nothing inside the jacket (hence the reason the seam was coming apart). Still, even without the jacket there’s plenty of colour blocking going on in this outfit! Everything apart from the shoes was from River Island in the sale, I got some serious bargains:

Blazer: River Island £35 reduced to £20

Open Back Tie Top: River Island £24.99 reduced to £10

Pink City Shorts: River Island £19.99 reduced to £10

Scarf: River Island £12.99 reduced to £5

Clear Lensed Glasses: River Island £12.99 reduced to £5

Handbag: River Island £39.99 reduced to £20

Shoes: Next