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Keeping a diary is useless if you don’t look at it…..

I had a pedicure booked for today as a treat and for some reason was sure it was at 5pm. I planned my whole day around it, meeting and visiting various friends and family in various different locations. Just as I was setting off to meet my friend Rosie for a coffee this morning I had a phone call asking if I was ok because I’d missed my appointment at 10am, checked my diary and sure enough I’d even written 10am in there but was so sure it was at 5pm I hadn’t looked. Felt a bit of a twit really, I hate it when people miss appointments. So that was pants, but I’ve had a lovely day other than that, just got back from tea with another friend which was lush and spent a few hours out in my garden this afternoon too.

I bought these trousers yesterday in Topshop Oxford Circus (making the most of the 20% student discount offer at the mo!). Love, love, love  them! Me and my sister Hannah spent hours in Topshop. We had an absolutely brilliant day fabric and trimming shopping and of course clothes shopping! Will tell you more about it and my purchase tomorrow as I’m rather pooped. You can just see Bracken lurking behind me in this photo, we gave up on getting one without him in it as he didn’t want to leave my side!

Vest: Tesco

Flick Hemmed Satin Trousers: Topshop

Sandals: New Look



Red Laces……

Ok, I know this is getting stupid now; I’ve bought another new pair of boots. However, I had to. I first saw these boots in Topshop on Oxford Street in October, they were so beautiful; the softest navy blue leather, red laces and fluffy inside (the whole of the boot not just the top bit). A sales assistant brought the box to me and I took them to the till, on the walk to the till though I talked myself out of it; telling myself I couldn’t afford the £70 price tag when I had Christmas presents to buy. Fast forward to the end of March and the tiny Topshop by my uni campus and there they were, one pair on the last chance to buy shelf and reduced to £30.

Excuse Bracken’s tail in the shot!!

Cardigan: Topshop

Dress: F+F Tesco

Boots: Topshop

The toile of the second dress is progressing well, I’ve begun drafting the pattern for the skirt which is shorter at the front (just above the knee) graduating down to full length at the centre back. I made up a full length skirt with added flare and then cut it to shape that I wanted whilst it was on the stand, then transferring the alterations onto my paper pattern. I felt that this was a better way to do to it, rather than trying to guess at the shape on paper. I did also decide to lengthen the centre back by 17cm, blending it into the side seams as I want it to have more of a puddle effect.

My next step is to add in the ruffles to the paper pattern to make it look like my sample, I’m essentially using the same method I use to insert pintucks but inserting 10cm sections instead of 0.5cm!!

I’ve been looking at other ruffled dresses to compare the construction methods used, all the ones that I’ve found seem to be gathered strips sewn onto the dress . Like this Monique Lhullier dress:

These look beautiful, but I do like the way that the ruffles on mine will actually be a part of the skirt rather than sewn on afterwards.


Squirrel Nutkin…..

The wood seemed the perfect place to photograph this dress. I love the squirrel print but it’s a big and I spent all day pulling it up! I’ve had such a lovely day, it’s so nice to not be freezing cold. I feel like I’ve got a lot achieved too; yoga, uni, dog walk, gardening, more  uni work and cooking!

The water in the ponds was so still and clear it created a perfect mirror image !! Squirrel Dress: Riko for Topshop Tights: Falke Cardigan: Topshop Brogues: Topshop Bracken had a wonderful time too:

This morning was interesting at uni; I had Start-Up Planning and Promotion and we were looking at brand identities. I chose three companies that I aspire to be like; looking at there logos, colour schemes, websites and photoshoots etc. I then had to present back to the group to explain why I liked these brands. The three I chose all had the following in common: pastel/natural colour schemes, clear crisp fonts and beautifully styled photoshoots. These are things that will be key to identifying my brand identity and so over the next week I will trial different fonts and colour palettes to try to decide which I feel suits my brand best.

I’ve very almost finished toiling the first of the womenswear dresses; lots and lots of pintucks. I’m a little annoyed with myself though as I’ve made such a basic mistake; I extended the waistband straight up 3cm and then removed 3cm from the bottom edge of the bodice so that each piece was the right length but should have also measured the width of these too. Instead of just extending the waistband straight up I should have measured the bottom edge of the bodice to make sure that the edges matched together. The front is 0.5cm short (on the half) and the back is 1cm short (on the half), it’s a very small difference but it makes a huge difference. I’ve adjusted the paper pattern so just need to re-toile the waistband pieces tomorrow. Then I’m off to London on Wednesday where I’ll hopefully get some fabrics.

Research Baby!!!

I have been working my little socks off this evening! I haven’t got anything in my sketchbook to show for it but have loads of links to print off when I get into uni tomorrow. I’ve also booked myself a place on a trend forecasting event in London next week and my train ticket for Bubble London. I’ve started to write a questionnaire too; to take into some childrenswear boutiques over the next few days, I need to find out what they look for when choosing new products to sell in their stores and what they feel is missing from the childrenswear market etc.

I’ve almost finished writing my proposal, there are a couple of points that I’m struggling to complete; hopefully Tracey will be able to help me finish it off tomorrow.

No outfit post today. Dave didn’t have time to take my photo as he’s been so busy working on the car, so I put on scruffy clothes and went for a two hour walk with Bracken in the wood instead. A few homemade items coming up over the next few days though so keep checking 🙂

No interview dates from my UCAS application yet, I am worrying a little but trying to keep a cool head!

Snowed in…

We went to see The Pogues in Manchester last night, almost didn’t get home due to the amount of snow on the motorway! A little bit scary but we got back eventually. I am however snowed in today 😦  I was supposed to be working 9-6 and there is a Christmas Market on in Shrewsbury that I was going to look around on my lunch break. Instead I’m making Christmassy things which is always fun. Promise an outfit post will be up later, but for now here’s what I’ve been doing on Photoshop this morning!

Putting a brave face on it….

Still feel pants, my chest really aches and my glands feel like I have eggs in my throat. But I thought I would make an effort today so I put on lots of makeup, put on a thermal vest, a snuggly wooly jumper and the brightest smile I could muster…

Jumper: Topshop

Skirt: Handmade by me

Boots: River Island

Somebody kept trying to get in the shot today so we had to have a joint portrait:

Also went for a 1940s updo today, here’s the back view: