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I spent most of my morning driving around this morning, but by lunchtime Dave’s (TimeToShoot)  first exhibition was up. I’ve written before about how talented he is, but must say I was rather proud to see it all framed and there for everyone to see.

I seem to have really settled into relaxation mode today and we spent the rest of the day drinking coffee, walking Bracken in the wood and then several hours chilling in the beer garden of the local pub. I needed a chill out but have been thinking of what outfit to make for Deva Dubs n’ Rods next weekend, theme is Rockabilly and Burlesque for the Saturday night 🙂 Best get practising my victory rolls in my hair too.

Here’s a few pics summing up our afternoon exploring the wood and hanging out in the beer garden:


Dress: River Island

Sandals: New Look














Woohooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve had a conditional offer for “Entrepeneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries” course at Staffs Uni, I’m so happy….and relieved!! My UCAS track says that the condition is that I complete my foundation degree which I’m obviously going to do! It’s a big weight off my mind, as I was really worrying about what I would do as Dave had been accepted onto a PGCE course at Staffs.

I’ve almost finished drafting the pattern for one of the womenswear dresses today, it’s taken me ages to work out how the pattern would work. I’ve had to move and remove darts and add in flare and pintucks etc. My brain hurts! I’ll toile it tomorrow, I’m hoping that there won’t be too many alterations to make as the other two are going to be even more complicated.

Todays look; French vintage, 1940s style hair blended with Topshop! What do you think?

Blouse: Topshop

Coulottes: Vintage from a shop in Sacre-Couer, Paris

Stockings: Topshop

Brogues: Topshop

“Those Are Some Very Smart Boots”….

I had numerous complinments for my boots on Friday. I love these boots but I spent about 15 minutes in the morning trying to find a good outfit to wear with them. Any suggestions?

Black Lace Dress: Warehouse

Cardigan: Topshop

Number Tights: ASOS

Boots: Urban Outfitters

Had a very successful day getting fabric samples in Birmingham, my favourite was a crepe georgette. It was exactly what I had in mind, the price was fairly reasonable too. I have some samples on order from some wholesale companies aswell though because I’m going to need such a larges amount that I should be able to get the cost per metre down a bit.

Black Swan…..

Wow, we just got home from seeing Black Swan and it was epic. Natalie Portman’s acting was incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever been so drawn into a film before. It was so intensely dark but so beautiful. Rodarte’s costumes were spectacular, I’ve been waiting for months for the film to come out after reading that they were doing the costumes. It’s such a shame that they won’t get the recognition that they deserve, read this article from Fashionista to find out why. I knew the film was going to be dark, but I didn’t realise just HOW dark it was going to be; I feel like I just need to sit quietly to calm down and let my heart rate return to normal!!

I’d definitely recommend going to see it, just be prepared! I want to watch it again, not for a while though.

I’m going to start on some uni work now, don’t feel like I’ve got anywhere near enough done today but then I never feel I’ve done enough! I’m researching designer/brands that I aspire to be like for my business module, I have rather a long list at the moment so think I’m going to have to narrow it down a bit. I think it would be better for me to research 10 or so really thoroughly rather than trying to research more and not having in depth enough information.

This is the outfit I wore today, it was the first outing for my Deena+Ozzy, Urban Outfitters boots. Aren’t they the shiniest, beautifulist boots you’ve ever seen?!! I saw them in the Oxford Circus Urban Outfitters but they only had a size 3 & 4 left, three weeks later they popped up in the sale on the website 🙂

Dress: Topshop

Tights: Falke

Boots: Deena+Ozzy at Urban Outfitters

My 1930s Tea Dress….

I don’t think I’ve featured this dress before, which is surprising as it’s one of my favourites. It’s a 1930s silk tea gown, it was my first proper vintage buy from a shop called Tea Gowns and Textiles in Leominster. I love the coral coloured silk and the hand embroidery on the collar is exquisite. I had my second tutorial with Lindsay today for Start-Up Planning and Promotion; I discussed my business idea with her and we agreed that over the next week I need to identify if there are companies producing anything similar and also boutiques through which I could sell my product. I need to write a questionnaire that I could take to these companies to help me understand what they are looking for when they choose their products. I also need to come up with a rough idea for a range plan, Lindsay suggested 12 pieces e.g 2 dresses, 3 tops etc.  There’s lots of research and thinking to do, I’m really enjoying it though. I don’t want to see this as a brief for uni, I actually want to treat it as a  live project so that I could actually take the business plan and put it into action straight away. The sooner I get the research and everything for this done the better, there are a couple of boutiques nearby that I want to take the questionnaire to before the next tutorial so writing that is one of my priorities.

I wanted to get a better picture of my new brogues up too, I picked these little beauties up in the Topshop sale on Friday.

Dress: 1930s vintage from Tea Gowns and Textiles

Cardigan: Topshop

Tights: Falke

Brogues: Topshop

Christmas Day Number 3, Levitation and Car Chaos…

We finally got to have our third Christmas Day at my Mum and Manda’s, we had a  really lovely day with all the family. My sister Hannah spent the whole day in bed with the flu and missed all the fun though, poor thing. Me and Dave had a bit of fun in the afternoon creating some levitation shots, I thought it’s a fun shot to show you my outfit I wore:


I got the blouse from Topshop Oxford Circus when we went to London, I love the colour and the pleated collar. I’ve been wanting a nice chiffon-like floaty blouse for ages and bought with Christmas gift vouchers, this rust coloured beauty was just perfect. I went for a bit of an eighties feel wearing it untucked with leggings and socks but a change of era for the hair: 1940s victory rolls and pinned back curls.

Blouse: Topshop

Leggings: River Island

Boots: River Island

We set off for home early in the evening but only got a few miles down the road before we got a puncture!! The spare is a different size which meant it would have been illegal to fit so we rang the RAC. Numerous phonecalls and a two hour wait later, they rang to tell us our cover didn’t include recovery (even though it does!). To cut a very long story short, my mum had to pick us up and we had to stay the night there. Being a bank holiday no car garages or tyre places are open today so she ended up having to drive us 50miles back to our house and we’re going to have to pick the car up in a few days. What a nightmare!!!!!

Brightening up a grey day….

Lecture cancelled this morning but I was a very good girl and still did lots and lots of work at home. The rest of the day has so far consisted of: having lunch with Dave and my oldest friend Kate, buying a very very beautiful coat from River Island and making numerous different pumkin based foods. The rest of the evening is back to uni work. I’m very glad Dave isn’t going to rugby tonight, we went to watch Paranormal Activity 2 last night and it freaked me out way too much to be alone in the house!!! It was so horrid and grey outside today, I felt like wearing something nice and bright to lighten the mood:

Dress: Handmade by me.

Tights: Topshop

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Coat: River Island

Necklace: Vintage