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For my personal planning module I had to develop an e-portfolio, this is to send to prospective employers and universities if needed.

Eportfolio for blog

It needs some work and I’ll carry on developing it over Christmas but it’s a starting point at least. I need to find a way to get it to load faster too as it takes a couple of minutes at the moment. Would be great to hear what people think though?


Busy bee….

I have been up since 6am this morning doing uni work!! Lots done though, I’ve just finished referencing my reports for Clothing in Culture and Context. I was very pleased to discover Google Advanced Book Search, early on in the semester I had photocopied two paragraphs from a book and stupidly forgotten to write down the title!! Thankfully I was able to find it by inputting a chapter title into the search.

My plan for the next few hours are to do some of the things Jayne suggested I add to my portfolio and some more illustrations for my Dior case study.

My treat for the day is to make some more Damson chutney!!

If anybody happens to be reading this and wondering what to get me for Christmas, I would LOVE these ear muffs from Little Fille

I think with the £40.00 price tag, the likelihood of me receiving them is small but they are very beautiful.

Not far to go….

No outfit post today, the theme is basically as many layers as possible: this has resulted in restricted movement! Dave did take my photograph but on his medium format camera so will have to wait until the film is developed.

Only a couple of weeks left before all my modules have to be submitted, things are going well. Now that the dresses are finished for the Clothes Show, I’ve had a chance to go back to the paperwork side of things. I’ve spent a lot of time recently working on my portfolio: mounting illustrations and things for the Clothes Show brief and reworking things from my first year.

 I have also done first drafts of both reports for Clothing in Culture and Context: the first is a report on the effect of World War II on women’s dress, the Utility scheme and also looks at whether the recession has seen us return to the “Make do and Mend” mentality of the War. The second report is a case study on Christian Dior and his New Look collection. I ventured out in the snow briefly today to show the drafts to Gloria, she read and was happy with the first report, although I still need to reference it properly; Gloria told me that even if I haven’t used a direct quote I need to reference any ideas as you can’t put anything in your bibliography that isn’t mentioned in the main text. I’m going to find her tomorrow once she has read my Dior report to see what she thinks of that one. The second report is to be an illustrated case study, I have already illustrated to of Dior’s New Look designs but I think I want about 6 or so to go onto presentation boards. I haven’t really done any RLJ entries for this module as we are only marked on the two reports, however I was reading the module handbook last night and it does say that although you do not have to it is recommended that you keep a journal and submit it with your work. Although I haven’t done specific entries on my blog, I have pages and pages of notes from my research and ideas that I’ve had so think I should be ok; I may just have to make some notes from my notes!

Gloria gave a presentation on Fashion and Film this morning, I found this really interesting. Although I don’t have a great deal of interest in the costume industry, the presentation was more focussed on the effect early films had on trends etc. It’s an issue I’d like to read into further once I have some spare time…although who knows when that will be! She talked about Chanel briefly; she was paid $1 million to design costumes for Hollywood, however the relationship didn’t last long: Hollywood’s tradition was for the clothes to complement the narrative, character and actresses, Chanel’s attitude was “in a subtle way to prioritise the clothes over the narrative” (Bruzzi, 2004).

I feel I’m well on track with my Personal Planning module too; the submissions for this module are my portfolio (showing how I’ve planned what to put in it and what I’ve done to get previous works up to scratch), I’m not far off with this I still have a few pages I want to add in and I think I want to write a short report of what works I have chosen, why I’ve chosen them and what they looked like before and after. I also have to submit a research folder, showing how I have researched my options for the future e.g top-up years, graduate schemes, job roles etc. This folder is to also contain my UCAS application, personal statement and CV. Again, I have a little bit left to do here, just tying up loose ends really: I want to edit my personal statement a bit as it was very design orientated and I have ended up choosing a business top-up. I also just need to do a bit of annotation here and there.

I feel confident it will all be done on time but I’m still a bit stressed out! I think it’s probably just the way I am, I worry about everything!! I’m pleased with what I have so far but I think there is always room for improvement.

Thursday seems so long ago….

Things are so hectic at the moment that Thursday seems a long time ago! On Thursday morning I had a coffee with Sam Lovell who runs the top-up year at Staffordshire Uni, I left her feeling so inspired and excited; the course seems absolutely perfect for me. It’s called “Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries”, it’s quite business orientated but that’s what I need if I want to set up my own business. Fingers crossed I can get in! Anyway this is what I wore, at long last I’ve got a picture of my lovely new coat:

Navy beret: Accessorize

Coat: River Island

Trousers: Miss Selfridge

White Socks: Accessorize

Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Constructing the real thing!!

On Friday I cut out and overlocked all the different pieces for the front of the dress. I have overlocked the cream and the red as they were beginning to fray straight away, the grey wool however is much more like a felt and therefore wasn’t necessary to overlock as it doesn’t fray at all. I was glad I didn’t need to overlock the grey, it took me long enough to overlock the red and cream; it was quite tricky to do because of all the corners and deep curves on the pieces. I’ve spent a very very large portion of my day putting the front together, obviously it is absolutely vital for this to be constructed perfectly and it has been so difficult; I’ve pinned, sewn, unpicked and started again several times for the sake of 2mm. Where you would normally think you could get away with such minute errors, on this occasion it makes all the difference. I cried at one point when I realised that I had sewn one of the red panels together inside out!! For the rest of the evening I’m going to do any hand stitching that needs doing (this is mainly where the corners of the cubes join into the dress) and then clip and press all curves and corners. Tomorrow morning I’m going to get up really early to re-toile the back of the dress before going into uni, then I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the dress finished in the afternoon as I then have another one to start. EEEKKK!!!!!

I was hoping that I’d be able to get some work done on my portfolio this weekend but I’ve just run out of time, I really need to get stuck into this tomorrow I hate when I don’t get as much done as I’ve planned (which seems to be most of the time at the moment, things keep taking longer than planned gggrrrrr)

Time Management….

List time! I need to get back into the habit of making regular lists and timetables; I seem to have fallen back into the old trap of spending too much time on one thing and then panicking when I think of all the other things I still need to do. I’ve written 3 lists: 1 for each module. Although these lists may be a little exhaustive, I actually feel much calmer now I can see that it will be a managable (if not very busy!) work schedule.

Arts University College Bournemouth…

Phew!! What a long day! Pretty much every form of public transport utilised today. My first impression of Bournemouth was that it was very cold, wet and windy. The course seems much more up my street than the one at Manchester, it’s much more design based. The campus seemed nice, although I didn’t have a huge amount of time (or the desire with the yucky weather) to explore a great deal. It’s definitely looking like an option, and if I went there we could live by the sea!!