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Almost a wasted morning…..

As part of my course I have different modulettes on a Monday morning, this morning was a basic health and safety workshop for surface decoration. Being the only student on my course with a fashion base, I was the only one who attended. I was a bit gutted when I got there because the hour long workshop was on how to thread up and use different stitches on a domestic sewing machine! I couldn’t believe that I’d driven all the way to Stoke for it but I had to do it so that I was signed off to use the machines. I got through everything that was supposed to take an hour in about 5 minutes, then…….

The technician offered to show me how to use the heat presses so that I hadn’t had a wasted journey. The samples below are very basic but I only had half an hour. I am very excited at the possibilities of using these machines, there are two different types of press:

The first she showed me was an A3 press that can be used with “Magic Touch paper”, this is special paper that you can print or photocopy anything onto and then transfer it onto fabric or hard surfaces. Seriously amazing stuff, same principle as t-shirt transfer paper that you iron on but much better quality and lighter weight; it doesn’t feel so stiff. The fabric did feel a little bit stiffer but I was absolutely amazed. Here’s a couple of my samples:

The second press was a much larger one, 60 inches by 40 inches. My brain went into over drive when she showed me how to use this one, with a press this size you could print whole widths of fabric!! This press can’t be used with the magic touch paper as it doesn’t have enough pressure. But it can be used with transfer inks, crayons and papers which give some fantastic effects:

I cannot wait to make the most of the opportunity of having access to these machines. I am doing an Entrepreneurial course and it would be foolish of me not to make use of every chance I get! Oh the possibilities for my final project, off to sign myself up to more of the surface decoration courses asap!!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging a great deal lately, I’m still keeping my reflective learning journal but am having to keep the majority of my entries private. All three of my modules involve working with companies and I don’t want to risk publishing anything confidential online. I will keep blogging, I’m aiming for at least one outfit post a week. Just for now here’s my latest nail art:

This is my favourite I’ve done in a while but I desperately need to get my gel extensions re-done!


I’m Baaaaaackkkkkk!

Hi everyone! August has been a really crazy month for me, I had a few weeks working 3 different jobs and I’ve ended up neglecting my blog. But here I am, back for good. I’ve left my retail job at River Island and gone back to working in the office that I used to work in before going to uni. I haven’t given up on uni, I’m just doing the office job 2 days a week so I’ll still be able to fit it around my uni timetable. But it’s better money and better hours.

Anyway on with a quick outfit post, I went to see my friend Emily in Stafford the other day. It was the first time I’d seen her properly in a long time as she’s been of doing a work placement in London. My hair is in desperate need of some attention and so I seem to be tying it in a top-knot quite a lot this week!

T-Shirt: American Eagles

Maxi Skirt: Topshop

Denim Jacket: H&M

Boots: River Island

I’ve had gel nails put on recently and finding that nail varnish lasts much longer on them, so I’ve been having some fun doing nail art. Check out my bondage style nails I did this week with Barry M in Bright Yellow and my Models Own Nail Art Pen:

My amazing ring in the picture is a recent purchase from ASOS, I just couldn’t resist it. Fierce or what?!

Like so many bloggers out there, I made the most of the Models Own fifty percent sale recently. I couldn’t resist sharing my little haul with you, I was very excited when this beautiful box arrived in the post:

It took me forever to choose which colours I wanted but in the end  I went for: Bronze Rage, Gold Rush, Bubblegum, Coral Reef, Orange Sherbet and Grace Green. I also bought a Neon Blue eye paint, Blackberry Lipstick and lip brush. So far I’m really pleased with the quality of the nailvarnishes, the colours go on really nicely and dry quickly too.

Colour Co-ordinated from Head to Toe

I don’t think I could have been much more colour co-ordinated yesterday:


Blouse: Topshop

Dress (worn underneath): Warehouse

Tights: Topshop Shoes: Irregular Choice

Nails: Claire’s Matt Nude and Barry M: 47 Black

I’ve finished the front bodice of dress 2:

I made the toile from a polyester lining fabric as even the lightest weight calico would not give a realistic impression of how the real garment will look. To begin with I was having difficulty chalking out the pattern, never mind cutting it as it was slipping all over the place. However, then I remembered that Stefanie at Anna Scholz taught me a handy little trick: to tape the fabric onto paper keeping it secure and straight. It makes marking and cutting a million times easier. Before stitching the pintucks, I pressed them into place as advised in the “Sewing Technique Bible”. Again, this made my job a million times easier. I have started working on the pattern for the skirt today too, but need to do some modelling on the stand to get the shape right.

A bit of everything….

Lots of things to write about:

I’ve decided on my brand name for my business module; I started researching fairy names as I wanted something that fitted my illustration style. I came across the name “Adorabelle” and it seems perfect; feminine and child-like but not to girly and cutesie. After that I previewed it in many different fonts to develop my logo. It’s important to find the perfect font, Lindsey gave us a handout last week showing that the Coca-Cola logo has stayed the same for the life of the product where as Pepsi has changed multiple times over the same period. The fact that Coca-Cola is so much more successful demonstrates the importance of brand identity and so I felt it important to be really sure of my choice of font.

I’ve also been working on the toile of my second dress, this is how the front bodice looks pinned to the stand:

It fits the stand really well, I’m pleased as this means that all my dart manipulation has been successful. The next step is to toile it with the tucks, these will be where I’ve drawn the red lines at the moment and then to toile the skirt. I had originally planned to line the skirt but after showing Tracey the sample I had done (see my post “Raw Edged Beauty” we both agreed that adding a lining will make the skirt feel to heavy as I want it to be light, flowing and delicate.

This is what I wore yesterday, I put on tights and boots as it was so cold and foggy I couldn’t see to the end of the drive! But then I went out at lunch to get a coffee and the sun had broken through and I felt completely overdressed for the weather:

Leather Jacket: River Island

Fur Waistcoat: Topshop

Pleated Leopard Print Skirt: River Island

Leopard Print Tights: Topshop

Boots: River Island

Silk Headscarf: Present from a friend from China

I’ve got into nail art lately, it’s a nice little thing for me to do in the evening to switch my brain off from uni stuff etc:

Blue: Barry M 295 Pale Turquoise

Yellow: Barry M 134 Yellow

I just bought myself a matt nude and top coat from Claire’s Accessories today, think I’m going to do nude with matt black tips later.