I’m hoping to give you a little insight into my world; I’m 22 and a fashion student at Staffordshire University. I’m determined to make it in the fashion industry and plan on using this blog to document my progress. The idea is that it’s going to be like my learning journal; I’ll post my thoughts, ideas, successes, mistakes and how I turn my mistakes into successes!! I’ll also keep you posted on what I’m looking at, what and who is inspiring me and what I’m up to in general. Hopefully there will be something you find interesting.


4 responses to “About

  • Joanna Polichronis

    It’s truly inspiring to see someone going through the same steps as I am on a daily basis. I did not go to school for fashion design, I wished and prayed my parents would let me go to NY from NJ. I wish you best of luck in everything you do! You have a fantastic eye for fashion!

  • Jon Morgan

    Some truely great work you have on here… If your ever in need of some photos then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Liz

    Ive had a look through your blog and am loving it ! Im studying fashion design in bham at the moment and wondered if theres any tips you could give me on pleating chiffon. Im making a dress as we speak and theres been some tears shed !
    Your work is beautiful btw.


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