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The Brownie Guide…

I wore this outfit to work on Tuesday but didn’t get a chance to photograph it as I didn’t get home till late. It seemed a shame to waste a cute outfit so I wore it again today, although I didn’t wear the glasses on Tuesday. I work in an office full of middle aged men and they rarely get my dress sense as it is. It was whilst wearing it at work that I got told I looked like I was in the Brownies! Completely accidental but it does a bit, I had to remind myself of the Brownie Guide Law:

“A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.”

It’s a pretty good rule to live your life by I’d say, don’t you agree? Oh, and yes I am wearing my H&M boots again…

Blouse: River Island

Skirt: Topshop

Tights: Accessorize

Boots: H&M

Had a good day at uni today, I had to give a presentation this morning on my Creative Entrepreneurship proposal. I felt really happy with how it went, quite difficult to reflect on something when it went so well to be honest. It would have been easier if I’d reached this point sooner so I had more time to pull the proposal together, should be ok though. The only comment my lecturer made was to suggest that I enter the Fashion Fringe competition and use this as part of my work, I’ve had a look at the website since I’ve got home and it looks like a good idea. Feel like it would fit in with what I’m aiming to achieve.

I spent another couple of hours in the print room again today, I feel like I’ve taken some giant leaps forward since last week:

I think because I had thought about the layout and colours etc and done a few sketches of what I wanted to get done. So when I went in there it was just a case of setting up and doing it. Colour mixing is proving a bit tricky, Sue the technician had told me that the inks dry a lot lighter than they look when mixed but it still surprised me just how much lighter. This will come with practice though, I’m still very pleased with the progress I’ve made in such a short space of time. Back in there on Tuesday morning before I head off to London, I’m hoping to try out foiling; I want to try as many different techniques before submitting my proposal on the 16th December.



Today was Ed’s (my sister’s husband) funeral, it’s been a very hard, very sad day. I was incredibly moved by the number of people that came to pay their respects and say goodbye to someone who was taken from us so unexpectedly. As I’m sure you will understand I didn’t feel like an outfit post today but, I did photograph my outfit on Monday. So here it is……

My dark purple pout is a favourite at the moment, the cheapest lipstick I own and it’s fantastic. I am by no means a beauty blogger but it has excellent staying power and the intensity of the colour is brilliant. This is the outfit that I wore to uni on Monday, when I had a bit of a revelation.

I’m sorry the images are so poor, it’s dark when I leave the house and when I get home these days so it’s hard to get any decent shots. Plus, we shot them in JPEG rather than RAW so I couldn’t even pull them back much.

Black Satin Vest: Topshop

Leopard Print Pleated Skirt: River Island

Boots: H&M

My black H&M ankle boots have been such a staple item in my wardrobe this autumn, so when Gem Fatale blogged a discount code I took the opportunity to get the tan pair 🙂

So a uni update; one of my modules this semester is called “Creative Entrepreneurship Preparation”  the purpose of this module is to write the proposal of what I will do for my major “Creative Entrepreneurship” module next semester. I’ve been working hard for this module, I’ve pulled together so much research. But I think I had got a bit hung up on the link between “Entrepreneurship” and setting up a business. But it doesn’t have to mean that, so after feeling overwhelmed at the thought of applying for funding for a business that I don’t want to set up; I’ve changed my proposal slightly.

I’ve often talked about my passion for pattern cutting and have been thinking for a long time about pursuing this as a career. I’ve done a lot of research since Monday; primarily using Drapers online (couldn’t be more relieved that I have a student subscription right now) which has enabled me to prove that pattern cutters are highly sought after within the fashion industry. I have made a few phone calls today and have had a couple of exciting conversations with London College of Fashion regarding their Post Graduate Creative Pattern Cutting Certificate. Basically what I am proposing to do next semester is to work on one or two design and manufacturing briefs to expand my portfolio and to apply for the post graduate course. I intend to include fabric print in one of the briefs so that all the research I have already done will not go to waste. I’ve got a lot of things to organise in the next few days but I’m feeling so much calmer and more confident that I am on the right path.

A lot to say….

So I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks now, I’ve been a bit off radar to be honest. We had some really sad news last week when my sister’s husband passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 28. It’s been a huge shock to all of us and so uni work, blogging and even tweeting have taken a back seat lately. Bethany amazes me everyday, she’s incredibly brave. I’ll be there whenever I can, whatever she needs.

So I have much to catch up on. I’ll probably do a couple of posts over the next few days to try and get back on track.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the surface decoration department this week, all the possibilities are so exciting it almost made me wish I was doing it as a degree! I met with the technician (Sue) on Tuesday and we agreed that it would  be better for me to come in for a morning or afternoon at a time and we would just work through doing the techniques that I wanted to try, I spent the whole day there on Friday and worked through what would have been several modulettes. I’m fairly pleased with what I’ve achieved but it is going to take quite a lot of practice to get my printing to a standard that I will be happy to use in my Creative Entrepreneurship module next semester. But I have time and I’m going back to do some more next week, once I’ve had a little time to think more about layouts and overlaying prints and colours etc. It is going to be more of a challenge and definitely more time consuming than I imagined it would be to improve my printing, I knew it was going to be a challenge; I’m trying to learn something that you can do an entire degree in a short space of time. But I’m fairly confident that with hard work I’ll be able to do it and he technician seemed to agree too. Screen printing creates some really beautiful fabrics and though the initial development is time consuming, once a print design is finalised the actual process should be fairly quick. Especially in comparison to the hand painting I did for my Final Major Project!

It’s going to take a lot of practice but I’m happy to be developing some new skills and making the most of the opportunities available to me. I asked the technician if she could give me any advice on what I would do in the future, obviously I have access to the facilities and equipment at the university at the moment but what will happen once I’ve graduated? Sue is going to give me a list of contact details for companies that can produce screens so that I can research this. I’ll also need to research the cost of inks, foils etc. She told me that the university to hire out studio space which would enable me to use  the facilities even after I’ve graduated, this costs somewhere in the region of £10 an hour. I would hope to be able to set up my own makeshift studio at home but it is good to have other options so I’ll need to look into this further too.