Almost a wasted morning…..

As part of my course I have different modulettes on a Monday morning, this morning was a basic health and safety workshop for surface decoration. Being the only student on my course with a fashion base, I was the only one who attended. I was a bit gutted when I got there because the hour long workshop was on how to thread up and use different stitches on a domestic sewing machine! I couldn’t believe that I’d driven all the way to Stoke for it but I had to do it so that I was signed off to use the machines. I got through everything that was supposed to take an hour in about 5 minutes, then…….

The technician offered to show me how to use the heat presses so that I hadn’t had a wasted journey. The samples below are very basic but I only had half an hour. I am very excited at the possibilities of using these machines, there are two different types of press:

The first she showed me was an A3 press that can be used with “Magic Touch paper”, this is special paper that you can print or photocopy anything onto and then transfer it onto fabric or hard surfaces. Seriously amazing stuff, same principle as t-shirt transfer paper that you iron on but much better quality and lighter weight; it doesn’t feel so stiff. The fabric did feel a little bit stiffer but I was absolutely amazed. Here’s a couple of my samples:

The second press was a much larger one, 60 inches by 40 inches. My brain went into over drive when she showed me how to use this one, with a press this size you could print whole widths of fabric!! This press can’t be used with the magic touch paper as it doesn’t have enough pressure. But it can be used with transfer inks, crayons and papers which give some fantastic effects:

I cannot wait to make the most of the opportunity of having access to these machines. I am doing an Entrepreneurial course and it would be foolish of me not to make use of every chance I get! Oh the possibilities for my final project, off to sign myself up to more of the surface decoration courses asap!!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging a great deal lately, I’m still keeping my reflective learning journal but am having to keep the majority of my entries private. All three of my modules involve working with companies and I don’t want to risk publishing anything confidential online. I will keep blogging, I’m aiming for at least one outfit post a week. Just for now here’s my latest nail art:

This is my favourite I’ve done in a while but I desperately need to get my gel extensions re-done!


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