My life has been full of extremely exciting things the past week, such as trips to the dentist etc! However, tomorrow is my birthday!!! I don’t know why I’m so excited, I’m going to be 23. So many people I went to school with seem to be settled into careers or having children and I still have so much to do before all that!! But that’s enough deep thought for now, I’m having a chilled out day tomorrow whilst Dave is at work and then we’re going out for tea with my Dad, his girlfriend and my sister. Then we’re going to London on Wednesday and staying at the Radison! I’m very excited, having my nails done at WAH Nails in Topshop on Thursday morning. As I write this though, I’m watching the news and the riots that started in Tottenham have spread to Peckham, Hackney and now Birmingham and Leeds. It’s actually quite frightening. It seems quite surreal to me watching all this unfold whilst I’m sitting here in my Mum’s house in sleepy South Shropshire.

I’m pretty much living at my Mum’s at the moment but got my photographer to take this outfit post picture when we went to the dentist the other day:

I think I may be looking a bit “pre-dentist nerves” in this photo! But happy to report I have healthy teeth haha, although I do need one filling 😦

I love the giant daisies behind me, I don’t want summer to end!

Contrast trim blouse: Topshop

Leggings: River Island


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