Yes it’s true, I am a domestic goddess….

Sorry for my blogging absence, I worked a lot last week and so didn’t really have any nice outfits to blog. The one day that I did go into uni was to paint the wall for my exhibition so again, my outfit wasn’t worthy of a post. I went back today and finished setting up, I just need to actually put the dresses up on Friday now. It looks better than I had hoped, I’ve put artificial flowers all around the base of my plinth and it looks so sweet. I have half the space that I had hoped for but it looks good. I meant to take a photo to show you but my carpark ticket was about to run out, I got back to the car with 1 minute to spare! So I’ll take a photo when all the dresses are on there too. In the mean time, my invites arrived today. I’m so happy with the quality of them and they look fantastic:

Anyway it’s Dave’s birthday today and once I got home from uni I set about making him a birthday tea. His requested menu was very specific: smoked gammon joint, yorkshire puddings, bread sauce, carrots and mashed potato. Then birthday cake for pudding. I even made the bread sauce completely from scratch using a Delia Smith recipe (who knew it could take 2.5 hours?!!!) I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen but the results were one very happy birthday boy with a very full tummy. I also made aubergine and cumin seed chutney whilst I was cooking everything else, it’s pretty yummy.

This was the outfit I wore for my day of domestic goddessry. The weather at the moment is rather perplexing, cold and wet one minute then gloriously sunny the next. This was what I settled on:

Dress: Kate Moss for Topshop

Waistcoat: Topshop

Boots: River Island


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