Keeping a diary is useless if you don’t look at it…..

I had a pedicure booked for today as a treat and for some reason was sure it was at 5pm. I planned my whole day around it, meeting and visiting various friends and family in various different locations. Just as I was setting off to meet my friend Rosie for a coffee this morning I had a phone call asking if I was ok because I’d missed my appointment at 10am, checked my diary and sure enough I’d even written 10am in there but was so sure it was at 5pm I hadn’t looked. Felt a bit of a twit really, I hate it when people miss appointments. So that was pants, but I’ve had a lovely day other than that, just got back from tea with another friend which was lush and spent a few hours out in my garden this afternoon too.

I bought these trousers yesterday in Topshop Oxford Circus (making the most of the 20% student discount offer at the mo!). Love, love, love  them! Me and my sister Hannah spent hours in Topshop. We had an absolutely brilliant day fabric and trimming shopping and of course clothes shopping! Will tell you more about it and my purchase tomorrow as I’m rather pooped. You can just see Bracken lurking behind me in this photo, we gave up on getting one without him in it as he didn’t want to leave my side!

Vest: Tesco

Flick Hemmed Satin Trousers: Topshop

Sandals: New Look



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