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Final Fashion Show 2011….

Wow, I’m so tired. I just got home after the last fashion show; the sixth one in three days! It’s been very stressful, I was a dresser and the model I was looking after had 9 outfit changes. You would never know just how manically busy it is behind the scenes. My collection was the finale and after getting the girls into their outfits I just had enough time to run around to see them come onto the catwalk. I felt so proud, I almost cried at how beautiful all of the girls looked in my dresses. The child models were brilliant, when Lexie lifted her arms at the end of the catwalk she looked like a little angel and the whole audience just went “aaawwwwwww”. Dave came to three of the shows and so I have got plenty of photos, here’s just a couple of my favourites:

This last picture is me and Kayley, (the model I was dressing) after the last show. She’s wearing my friend Emily’s dress. I got lots of compliments for my outfit today, I’d wanted the purple blazer for months and it finally came back into stock last week. The whole outfit is from River Island.

After the last show, I put the dresses into garment bags and took them home. It feels strange that I’ll never go back there again now. Good though!

On the way home on Thursday evening we stopped so that Dave could take my photo in this poppy field. The poppies have been out for a few weeks but Dave has been teaching in Stoke and so I haven’t had a photographer. Luckily the poppies are still in full bloom:

Dress: Kate Moss for Topshop

Waistcoat: Topshop

Daisy Headband: Primark


Just realised I’ve not long featured this outfit…ooops!!


Final Collection Exhibition….

My exhibition opened on Friday evening and will be open until Wednesday. Most of the other exhibitions will be up until Thursday but all Fashion exhibits are taken down early for the fashion shows which begin on Thursday. I tried to take a photo of my exhibition space to show you, the picture isn’t great sorry but it gives you an idea:

My Dad came to the private view, it was the first time he’d seen all my work in real life. I think he was pretty proud! There was a lot of people there, it felt a bit strange knowing they were looking at my work and judging it completely at face value. Not knowing the extent of the work that went into it. The response seemed very positive, I hovered around for a while eavesdropping on what people were saying! I had to be there again this afternoon as we have to take it in turns to watch the room but now I won’t have to go in again until the dress rehearsal for the fashion show on Thursday.

I’ve been feeling poorly since I got home so no outfit post but here’s what I wore yesterday. This is currently my favourite outfit, not sure how it’s managed to escape being posted before. Probably because I was to busy with deadlines the past few times I wore it. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am in love with my pineapple print cropped jeans:

Shirt: Topshop (from years ago)

Cropped print jeans: River Island


Yes it’s true, I am a domestic goddess….

Sorry for my blogging absence, I worked a lot last week and so didn’t really have any nice outfits to blog. The one day that I did go into uni was to paint the wall for my exhibition so again, my outfit wasn’t worthy of a post. I went back today and finished setting up, I just need to actually put the dresses up on Friday now. It looks better than I had hoped, I’ve put artificial flowers all around the base of my plinth and it looks so sweet. I have half the space that I had hoped for but it looks good. I meant to take a photo to show you but my carpark ticket was about to run out, I got back to the car with 1 minute to spare! So I’ll take a photo when all the dresses are on there too. In the mean time, my invites arrived today. I’m so happy with the quality of them and they look fantastic:

Anyway it’s Dave’s birthday today and once I got home from uni I set about making him a birthday tea. His requested menu was very specific: smoked gammon joint, yorkshire puddings, bread sauce, carrots and mashed potato. Then birthday cake for pudding. I even made the bread sauce completely from scratch using a Delia Smith recipe (who knew it could take 2.5 hours?!!!) I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen but the results were one very happy birthday boy with a very full tummy. I also made aubergine and cumin seed chutney whilst I was cooking everything else, it’s pretty yummy.

This was the outfit I wore for my day of domestic goddessry. The weather at the moment is rather perplexing, cold and wet one minute then gloriously sunny the next. This was what I settled on:

Dress: Kate Moss for Topshop

Waistcoat: Topshop

Boots: River Island

Keeping Busy…

I’ve spent the past couple of days doing all sorts of things that I haven’t been able to do for the past few months as I have been locked indoors doing uni work! We spent a few hours in the park yesterday after I finished work, I wore another new dress that I bought in London. Dave set up his slack line for the first time in a few years, the photo makes it look like I’m a lot better at it than I actually am! My sister, Hannah, just managed to take the photo before I fell off:

Dave was much better:

We generally just had fun messing around in the sun, until it started to rain…

Dress: Yuki for Topshop

Today I’ve been some what of a domestic goddess; I made Dave his favourite chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream filling (from one of my favourite books The Whimsical Bakehouse, then I did some gardening until I got rained off. That was the morning, then in the afternoon I made Rhubarb and Ginger Chutney and roast beef with all the trimmings.

Back to my sewing tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend Emily for a coffee in the morning to pick up my sewing machine (I lent it to her so that she could get her uni work finished) and then I’ll be coming home to make myself  a sleeveless blouse for the weekend. Or I might make a corset, I haven’t drafted a pattern yet so will decide tomorrow. I have two conversational print cottons that would be perfect for the rockabilly theme; one is pale blue with cowboys and indians, the other is pale pinky colour with multi coloured mushrooms. Very excited to be making something for myself, it seems ages since I did.


I spent most of my morning driving around this morning, but by lunchtime Dave’s (TimeToShoot)  first exhibition was up. I’ve written before about how talented he is, but must say I was rather proud to see it all framed and there for everyone to see.

I seem to have really settled into relaxation mode today and we spent the rest of the day drinking coffee, walking Bracken in the wood and then several hours chilling in the beer garden of the local pub. I needed a chill out but have been thinking of what outfit to make for Deva Dubs n’ Rods next weekend, theme is Rockabilly and Burlesque for the Saturday night 🙂 Best get practising my victory rolls in my hair too.

Here’s a few pics summing up our afternoon exploring the wood and hanging out in the beer garden:


Dress: River Island

Sandals: New Look












Keeping a diary is useless if you don’t look at it…..

I had a pedicure booked for today as a treat and for some reason was sure it was at 5pm. I planned my whole day around it, meeting and visiting various friends and family in various different locations. Just as I was setting off to meet my friend Rosie for a coffee this morning I had a phone call asking if I was ok because I’d missed my appointment at 10am, checked my diary and sure enough I’d even written 10am in there but was so sure it was at 5pm I hadn’t looked. Felt a bit of a twit really, I hate it when people miss appointments. So that was pants, but I’ve had a lovely day other than that, just got back from tea with another friend which was lush and spent a few hours out in my garden this afternoon too.

I bought these trousers yesterday in Topshop Oxford Circus (making the most of the 20% student discount offer at the mo!). Love, love, love  them! Me and my sister Hannah spent hours in Topshop. We had an absolutely brilliant day fabric and trimming shopping and of course clothes shopping! Will tell you more about it and my purchase tomorrow as I’m rather pooped. You can just see Bracken lurking behind me in this photo, we gave up on getting one without him in it as he didn’t want to leave my side!

Vest: Tesco

Flick Hemmed Satin Trousers: Topshop

Sandals: New Look