A Day Out In The Rain……

I had planned another day in the garden today, planting lettuce and stuff but it’s poured down all day. So we had a lovely day at the shoppsies in Chester instead. Chester’s a really lovely city but a it was raining so much we didn’t really get to explore the little back streets like I wanted to. It was even worse on the way home, don’t think I’ve ever driven in such heavy rain.

Plus I didn’t find anything to buy, I hate shopping trips where you don’t buy anything at all. Not even a lipstick. Dave made up for it though, he’s got lots of lovely new clothes. Jealous much. But I get to go to London on Wednesday, fabric shopping with my sis. So I’m sure I’ll make up for it then.

Still feeling weird not having uni work to do, but I’m working on building my website so that’s keeping me busy.

This is what I wore to run between shops in (sandals were a mistake, resulting in cold and wet tootsies);

Top: Topshop

Velvet Maxi Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Sandals: ASOS


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