Evaluating Start Up Planning and Promotion….

Tomorrow is the hand in date for my Start Up Planning and Promotion module. I have everything ready to submit in the morning, a couple of things that I need to print out on A4 but that’s it. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon reading through my journal posts and referencing my research folder; I was amazed at just how much research I’ve carried out and how much I’ve achieved.

I’m particularly proud of my business plan, Lindsay (my tutor for this module) had read through it last week and I had been worrying about what she was going to say. The amount of work that I have put into it is immense! I think if anything, my business plan is more in depth than was expected but as I have always thought about setting up my own business I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to work on this with the guidance of someone who has been there and done it so to speak. I had a one to one tutorial with Lindsay last Monday and was thrilled when she said how detailed my business plan was. I was missing a couple of things: a risk assessment, tax information and although my business plan financials detailed where I planned on getting funding she thought I should add a paragraph on this within the plan. My risk assessment didn’t take long to put together, as the business plan is for a web shop I simply had to assess the risk of manufacturing from home; considering risks such as tripping on wires etc!!! Dave gave me a template that he had used from Staffordshire University which was really useful, it was one that he has to use on his Motorsport course and so maybe it was set up for risks higher than “don’t run with scissors”!!!! But it was a really good template, better than ones I used last year and I would definitely use it again if I need it. I had researched tax already and so just needed to add this as a sub-heading in the plan.

I feel that I have really learnt a lot from this module and have really enjoyed putting together the more visual side, such as ad campaigns. I wish that we had had the opportunity to take this module last year as I’ve really enjoyed it and think it’s the most I’ve actually learnt from a lecturer on this course!

As I said I think I’m ready to submit everything in the morning, I feel quite nervous though! I’ve written so many check lists over the past few days; I’ve been so concerned I would miss something, but I have read through the module handbook and as far as I can tell I’ve covered everything. I’m planning on getting to uni super early in the morning, printing the last few things and then submitting……..eeeeeeek!!!!! I’m quite excited in a way! I just want to get it submitted so that I can focus my attention on finishing work on my FMP, so it will be straight home for me to work on the last few bits of that.


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