Ad Campaigns, Packaging, Exhibition Planning and a Few Other Things….

A few things that I haven’t talked about….

I developed several possible ad campaigns for this module, I was pleased to get the children’s photoshoots done early as I was able to put the real images into place instead of images of other companies websites:

I can’t really decide which one is my favourite, but I think it was good to have some different sized ones that could be used for different magazines or websites. I love the first one, I like having a long, thin one with a single image as it has a strong impact. However, I also think it works well to have a main image with thumbnails below to give more of an idea of the whole collection.

I’ve also loaded the images onto my exhibition invitation:

In this instance, I think it definitely works better to have a main image and thumbnails as I want to give people a sneak preview of what will be in my exhibition. The dates and venue etc. are all correct so if anybody reading this would like to attend feel free!! The dresses will however be taken off the exhibition early as it clashes with the fashion show, so contact me if you are thinking of visiting.

I hadn’t been too sure of how I wanted my invite to look, I found these examples really useful:

I found loads of examples just by putting Exhibition Invite Ideas into Google, but these ones were my favourites as I liked the simplicity of them. I think this gives them more of an impact than ones that have too much going on!

One of the extra things to design and research for this module was packaging. As my business plan outlines a webshop, I decided that researching packaging would be a useful element to include, as the business is to be a high end luxury brand I wanted the packaging to reflect this. Companies such as Net-a-Porter use their packaging to reinforce their luxury image:

I have tried to achieve a similar effect:

If I was actually doing this for real, I would obviously have to think more carefully about the cost of this. However just to create a prototype, I have used a box from Print House Group, personalised ribbon from Partyrama costing £0.95 per metre and tissue paper from WH Smiths. It has the luxury feel I was aiming for, I think most little girls would be excited to receive a pretty new dress in this lovely packaging!

I designed numerous swing tags several weeks ago but was only able to print them onto card yesterday:

Just printing them onto different colours and qualities of card makes such a difference, I have chosen the bottom right one. I’ve put a ribbon in it so that it could be attached to a garment. However I’ve also used some of my business cards (they arrived on Friday…yay!) as they have a really lovely finish, if I were actually placing an order for swing tags I would like them to have the same satin finish: I think it gives them a more luxurious feel.

Last week I also put together a plan of my exhibition space:

There is a limited number of plinths and mannequins available on campus, I’m hoping I will be able to use these. However, if not I will have to borrow mannequins from my mum’s and ask my uncle (who is a carpenter) to build me a plinth. I’m planning on building the clothes rail myself (well attempting to anyway!!!) but at least I know I can ask Dave for a bit of help if I’m struggling! Let’s face it I’m not very handy with a saw or a hammer!! I have also found several websites where I can buy artificial wild flowers: Just Artificial and Withycombe Fair. I’m really looking to actually putting this together and having my work on display, I think it will feel a huge relief!!


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