So Close…..

Blog/learning journal posts have been rather sporadic lately, I’ve just been working flat out to get everything finished. I’m almost there now though, particularly with my Start Up Planning and Promotions module. All I have left to do is to write a commentary and get the photoshoots done so that I can load all my images into place before printing. I’m still waiting for my business cards to arrive though which is something that’s concerning me, I ordered them on the 5th of May and they should have arrived by now, think I’m going to have to chase them up today.

I’ve really enjoyed this module, particulary as we’ve go into the promotional side, this week I’ve been putting finishing touches to my Look Book and have designed my invitation for my exhibition. So close now, I just can’t wait to get the photoshoots done. We’re doing one of the children’s dresses today, this one had me rather stressed out last night as it was supposed to be a friend’s niece modelling for me and she has cancelled twice now. I really started to panic as I want to get the children’s dresses all shot by Friday so that I can put all the images onto my website etc. to print on Saturday. I’ve have another model now but she’s the daughter of a friend in Shrewsbury and so have quite a lot of driving to do today to go into uni and then off to Shrewsbury.

I think I’ve finished my Look Book though, I wanted to use my illustration in it and some product shots as the backgrounds are pastel colours I wanted to keep it quite simple:

Just realised this is the first picture I’ve uploaded of the finished dresses, I will write a more detailed post about them later but I’m so happy with what I’ve achieved. They look better than I could have hoped for, fingers crossed the photoshoots all go well!


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