Slowly But Surely….

The weather has been weird today, beautiful one minute and then thunderstorms the next. Finally managed to get an outfit photograph done just before it went dark:

Jumpsuit: Motel

Kimono Cardigan: Topshop

I’ve made some serious progress since my last post, I’ve put the lining into the pintucked bodice of the ruffle dress. It took me a lot longer than I had anticipated, I had to french seam the whole thing so that I could trim away the overlocked edge; if I hadn’t done this you would have been able to see the edge as the chiffon is so sheer. I have to say they are the most beautifully neat french seams in the entire world. Such a shame that you won’t be able to see them!! The bodice is ready now for the skirt to be joined onto it but I don’t want to do this until I’ve finished putting the fray stop onto all the raw edges.

I’ve hand-rolled and catch-stitched the neckline, armholes and opening of the pintucked and pleated dress. I still have the hem to do but there’s no point doing it until I know the height of the model.

I’ve dyed the silk linen for the women’s and child’s dragonfly dresses. It was quite good fun to do the sampling, I used proper acid dyes and so was able to make the exact colour that I wanted. Normally for silk you would only need 1ml of dye per 10g of fabric, but as the fabric was a mix I used 2ml of dye for a 5g sample piece of fabric. I worked out that to dye the full 4metres of fabric (weighing 665g) I needed 266ml of mixed dye, from my chosen sample this worked out as 106ml of yellow green, 106ml of green turquoise and 54ml of charcoal. To do such a large quantity I had to use an enormous steel pot on a gas burner out in the shed, I felt a bit like a witch at a cauldron as I stood there stirring it for half an hour!! This was the fabric before I dyed it, I almost didn’t want to dye it because it looked so beautiful:

I particularly love the blue selvedge, it would be nice to make this the feature of the garment if I had used it undyed; for example the bottom edge of a skirt or dress.

These were the different samples I created:

I need to find a nice box or something to display all my samples when I submit the project and it would also be nice to display them for the exhibition.


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