Difficulties and Successes…

I’m sorry there’s no outfit post but I’ve been shut in my mum’s studio all weekend sewing.

Well the past few days have certainly been challenging, I’ve been working on the pintucked and pleated dress. I can honestly say it is the most complicated thing that I have ever constructed. To begin with I had been really pleased with myself that I had thought to cut the pleated fabric whilst still in its special paper holding it perfectly still and stitched a line across the pleats at the top and bottom to hold the pleats in place once the paper was removed. These are all the panels once I’d cut and overlocked them:

And the paper that held the pleats:

Even the paper looks beautiful! I was worried the bottom edge would make the pleats sit strangely but it actually works ok:

My next step was to join all the pintucked and pleated panels together, this was where the problems arose.  I had intended to join them all with french seams but because the quantity of fabric was so limited each panel ended either in either the inner fold or outer fold of a pleat, if I had just carried on with my french seams on some of the panels the pleats wouldn’t sit correctly. As I joined each section I had to work out where my stitch line could be for the pleats to sit properly once turned the right way. The fabric has been really difficult to work with too, there is so much stretch to it that I had to use about a million pleats and then baste before I could sew. Once I had worked out what I needed to do though it was much better, it was tricky but I actually started to feel like I was making real progress. I’ve constructed the bodice and the waistband. These and the skirt are ready to be joined together now, but I’ve decided to sew each section onto ribbon to make the seams stronger so I need to go and buy this tomorrow. Then it’s ready for the lining and fastenings. I bought some small coverable buttons on Saturday but I think that even these would be to heavy for the lightness of this dress, I think the only option is to use clear plastic press studs so it’s back to the haberdashery tomorrow.

I’m at work tomorrow but I’ve got a list of digital fabric printing companies to call in my lunch break. I was really pleased that I’ve found several companies that will print on fabric that I supply rather than their own fabrics but after reading in detail on one of the websites, they use different types of ink on silk and linen. My fabric is a silk linen blend so I’m worried they may not be able to print onto it. I’d really like to have the fabric printed professionally but screen printing it myself may be the only option.


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