Hardly Dressed For a Wedding….

This was my outfit today, I felt very under-dressed with the entire world watching and talking about the Royal Wedding! I must confess the whole thing brought a tear to my eye, and the dress…..Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen would be proud.

Shirt and Shorts: Topshop

Boots: River Island

Aside from watching the wedding, I have actually got a lot of work done today. As per usual things took longer than I expected and it took me until 7pm to finish sewing the pintucks into the bodice of the ruffle skirted dress. I was beginning to wonder why I seemed to have designed things that are so fiddly and time consuming but I’m pleased (and relieved) to say that I think it’s really going to be worth it. I also trialled using fray stop on a raw edge of the chiffon, there is a slight change in colour where you put it but I don’t think it would be noticable and it truly stops the fabric from fraying. I think I’m going to need a fair few bottles though, it’s going to be a very long job that one!! Apart from that though (which I’m going to leave till last anyway) this dress is very much on it’s way to being finished. I  need to get some coverable buttons tomorrow and then make a lining for it. This is a job in itself though, I’ve been reading up on cutting bias-patterns in my Helen Joseph-Armstrong pattern cutting book to see how best to do it. Think that’s tomorrow afternoon sorted anyway!!


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