Life is Sweet….

Great day today, got everything I intended to do done today and also got to sit outside in the beautiful sunshine to eat my lunch. My mum said this dress reminded her of something my nan wore in the 70s. My nan was a rather glamorous lady back then so I didn’t mind the comparison:

Dress: Sparkle and Fade from Urban Outfitters

Sandals: New Look

Sunglasses: Got these last year, wish I could remember where from because I love them!

A crisis was narrowly averted though: my sister was using both of the mannequins at my mums and didn’t want to take her stuff off them. I was tempted to go ahead and just cut everything out in the real fabrics but decided not to risk it. Boy was I glad as I realised that the front waistband section of  the final dress was not right at all, I had gathered the bodice into it but not really thought much of it. After trying it on the mannequin, I measured the waistband against the pattern pieces. They matched perfectly so I knew my sewing wasn’t at fault. So I measured it against the original skirt block, I don’t know what on earth I had done but the waistband was 5cm short (on the half)!! I corrected the pattern and then also corrected the skirt panels; now that the waistband had increased I needed to divide that additional 10cm between the 10 skirt panels. I think it is going to look amazing though, ignore the colours it’s just the toile. What do you think?

And this is the finished toile of the second dress:

Once I had corrected my patterns I cut everything that I could out and overlocked all the edges. The only thing I’m not sure about is what to line both dresses with, I had intended to self line them with the same silk chiffon. But it’s so fine that even with a double layer it may still be see through.

Planning a day on the sketchbook, out in the garden tomorrow and a massive run tomorrow. Then back to my mum’s for four days on Friday morning via the haberdashery to get as much sewing done as possible 🙂


One response to “Life is Sweet….

  • Harriet

    That dress is fabulous – so in keeping with the 70s trend that is around at the moment, and so pretty! Clearly your nan was a stylish lad back when they were doing the 70s trend the first time around!

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