Making Good Progress……

I had a brilliant day yesterday, Dave and his mum had gone to watch Stoke play at Wembley. Whilst I obviously missed him, it was a great opportunity to turn the dining room into a sewing room and I was so pleased with everything I got done. I’ve completely finished toiling the last ladies dress and also completed the toile of the second ladies dress (the one with the ruffled skirt). I’m so so happy with how they both look, I think they’re going to be breath taking when made in the real fabrics. I’m going over to my mum’s tomorrow after work so will be able to photograph them both on the stand and assess the fit of them properly. I’ve tried them both on and although they are obviously far too big, there doesn’t seem to be anything majorly wrong.  I do need to extend the back bodice on dress 2 by 6cm and the whole bodice on dress 3; I used my bodice block rather than my dress block and didn’t check the length.

I have packed my fabric and sent it to be pleated today too, it’s really exciting and also a relief to feel like I’m actually making some progress with things now. My plan for Tuesday and Wednesday is to get as much cut out and overlocked at my mum’s as I can and  then I can always continue sewing at home if I’ve got all the edges overlocked.  I also want to get my sketchbook as near to being finished as I can, there’s lots of drawings I’ve done and haven’t stuck in and a lot of annotation to do. At the moment I don’t feel that it clearly tells the story of my collection and I think that’s really important. My research has been one of my weaker areas before and so I don’t want this to bring my marks down.

I haven’t really got any uni work done today as I was modelling for a photoshoot in an upcoming magazine Prototype, the magazine is being launched by my friend Laura. Today’s outfit post is a sneak peak from the shoot, photography by the very talented Dave:

Dress: Topshop

Boots: ASOS

Tights: Topshop

Necklace: Accessorize

Denim Jacket: H&M


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