Making a Start on the Real Deal……

Oh my goodness I’ve been a busy little worker today!! I’ve made a start on the real thing of the ruffled dress, it was a bit scary to cut it out in the silk but it was much easier to do it on my Mum’s full size cutting table instead of at home on the dining room floor! It was much easier and neater to cut it using a cutting wheel rather than scissors too, although I did slice into my finger and it’s rather sore! I’ve sewn all the big tucks into place but I haven’t slashed them open yet as I did on the toile. The raw edges of the silk fray so quickly and although this is the effect that I want on the ruffles I’m worried that if I did it now, then by the time it gets to the catwalk show in June there will be nothing left. I’ve heard of this stuff called “Fray Stop” that you can put on raw edges, I’m going to get some and do a little trial piece; I don’t want the edges to look like they’ve got something painted on them though.

I’ve put the toile I was working on to one side for the day as I can carry on with it at home on Sunday, I wanted to make the most of having access to industrial machines whilst I’ve been at my Mum’s. Unfortunately I’m working all day tomorrow so won’t get any uni work done.

When I went to London on Monday, we popped into Primark on Oxford Street. I’d never been before and it was not a particularly enjoyable experience, I felt so sorry for all the people working in there; a never ending task of picking up and folding and rehanging. I did manage to find this beautiful skirt though, I couldn’t believe my luck:

Skirt: Primark

Vest: Topshop

Denim Jacket: H&M

Socks: River Island

Hair Bow: Piece of lace from haberdashery


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