Calmer today…

Ok so yesterday I was having a complete nightmare trying to draft the pattern for dress number 3. Then I got myself in a major stress about the amount of work left to do in 7 weeks! I ended up in tears and so didn’t really want my photo taking. The skirt is made up of panels that are either vertically pleated or horizontally pin-tucked. Because of this I wanted to close the darts in the skirt so that they wouldn’t interfere with the pleats or pintucks, but doing this obviously opens up a huge amount of flare into the rest of the skirt. This wouldn’t have been a problem; I want the skirt to have some added flare but the panels that are vertically pleated need to be completely straight so that the pleats all finish into the waistband and if I just divided the skirt equally with the added flare then this would mean pleats going into the seams too:

Tracey and I tried all sorts of ways to try to get around this yesterday afternoon but we weren’t having a lot of luck. I did consider using Sunray pleats instead as these are pleats that are tighter at the top and radiate outwards. But this would be even more fabric consumptuous and just wasn’t what I had intended. Then all of a sudden whilst walking the dog….the waistband!!!! I want the waistband to come down quite low on the dress and this will mean that it takes the length of the darts and so if I just measure the finished length of the bottom of the waistband then I can just divide that into the number of panels and then make rectangles the length I want the skirt to be. I can slash the panels that will be pin-tucked and open them up to add in a little flare. So I think I’ve solved the problem!! I’ll draft the pattern properly tomorrow and then I’ll be able to see if it will work, but I think it should. Fingers crossed eh?!!!


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