Go Grease Lightning…..

I feel a bit like an extra from Grease in this outfit!! I wanted to wear my pleated skirt but make it a bit more casual than when I wore it with my Chanel style blouse, I think it works quite well. What do you think?

Pleated Skirt: ASOS

T-shirt: New Look

Frilly Socks: American Apparel

Pumps: New Look

Just a short post really, I’ve been working on the pattern and now the toile of the ruffle skirt of the second womenswear dress. It’s going well I think, but is going to use approximately 5 meters of fabric!!! I’m hoping to get the toile finished tomorrow and then I’ll be able to evaluate it properly.

I did have a minor melt down last night, panicking about how long I have left to produce 6 outfits! But after work today I sat down in a coffee shop and made myself a nice little timetable for the next few days; doing this always calms me down as it helps me to see how to actually make things achievable. The most important thing I need to do is work out my fabric meterages so that I can purchase everything when I go to London on Monday.


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