Mothers’ Day….

Happy Mothers’ Day to my lovely, lovely mum! We’ve had a lovely day; coffee at Rocke Cottage Tea Rooms this morning and then lunch at Loch Fyne. Then I’ve done an hour of gardening this afternoon before coming indoors to work on my logo design for Start Up Planning and Promotion; I’ve been searching Google for silhouettes to help me draw arms in the correct position that I want and then spent hours doing illustrations. But I think I’ve finally come up with something that I’m happy to scan in to work on further in Illustator. This is what I wore for the Mothers Day festivities;

I felt like the outfit was missing something so I made the bow before we went for lunch, I think it finishes the look of nicely.

Striped Jersey Shirt: Topshop

Leggings: River Island

Boots: Topshop

Hair Bow: By Me

On another note, I stayed at my mum’s last night and so was able to photograph one of the children’s dresses on the stand:

I’m happy with the fullness of the skirt, this has been achieved by inserting the extra for the tucks the whole  length of the dress but then only sewing them into the waist. I meant to scan a few pages from the Winifred Aldrich Pattern Cutting for Childrenswear book whilst I was there too but completely forgot, I think we have it in the library though. I need it to help me grade the pattern up to age 8 before making it for real.

I did borrow another book from my mum, called Printing By Hand it looks like it might it will be useful for doing some sampling of techniques for two of my dresses. It’s quite likely that I will get them digitally printed professionally but I need to try some hand techniques and evaluate them before I decide for definite.


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