Red Laces……

Ok, I know this is getting stupid now; I’ve bought another new pair of boots. However, I had to. I first saw these boots in Topshop on Oxford Street in October, they were so beautiful; the softest navy blue leather, red laces and fluffy inside (the whole of the boot not just the top bit). A sales assistant brought the box to me and I took them to the till, on the walk to the till though I talked myself out of it; telling myself I couldn’t afford the £70 price tag when I had Christmas presents to buy. Fast forward to the end of March and the tiny Topshop by my uni campus and there they were, one pair on the last chance to buy shelf and reduced to £30.

Excuse Bracken’s tail in the shot!!

Cardigan: Topshop

Dress: F+F Tesco

Boots: Topshop

The toile of the second dress is progressing well, I’ve begun drafting the pattern for the skirt which is shorter at the front (just above the knee) graduating down to full length at the centre back. I made up a full length skirt with added flare and then cut it to shape that I wanted whilst it was on the stand, then transferring the alterations onto my paper pattern. I felt that this was a better way to do to it, rather than trying to guess at the shape on paper. I did also decide to lengthen the centre back by 17cm, blending it into the side seams as I want it to have more of a puddle effect.

My next step is to add in the ruffles to the paper pattern to make it look like my sample, I’m essentially using the same method I use to insert pintucks but inserting 10cm sections instead of 0.5cm!!

I’ve been looking at other ruffled dresses to compare the construction methods used, all the ones that I’ve found seem to be gathered strips sewn onto the dress . Like this Monique Lhullier dress:

These look beautiful, but I do like the way that the ruffles on mine will actually be a part of the skirt rather than sewn on afterwards.



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