A bit of everything….

Lots of things to write about:

I’ve decided on my brand name for my business module; I started researching fairy names as I wanted something that fitted my illustration style. I came across the name “Adorabelle” and it seems perfect; feminine and child-like but not to girly and cutesie. After that I previewed it in many different fonts to develop my logo. It’s important to find the perfect font, Lindsey gave us a handout last week showing that the Coca-Cola logo has stayed the same for the life of the product where as Pepsi has changed multiple times over the same period. The fact that Coca-Cola is so much more successful demonstrates the importance of brand identity and so I felt it important to be really sure of my choice of font.

I’ve also been working on the toile of my second dress, this is how the front bodice looks pinned to the stand:

It fits the stand really well, I’m pleased as this means that all my dart manipulation has been successful. The next step is to toile it with the tucks, these will be where I’ve drawn the red lines at the moment and then to toile the skirt. I had originally planned to line the skirt but after showing Tracey the sample I had done (see my post “Raw Edged Beauty” we both agreed that adding a lining will make the skirt feel to heavy as I want it to be light, flowing and delicate.

This is what I wore yesterday, I put on tights and boots as it was so cold and foggy I couldn’t see to the end of the drive! But then I went out at lunch to get a coffee and the sun had broken through and I felt completely overdressed for the weather:

Leather Jacket: River Island

Fur Waistcoat: Topshop

Pleated Leopard Print Skirt: River Island

Leopard Print Tights: Topshop

Boots: River Island

Silk Headscarf: Present from a friend from China

I’ve got into nail art lately, it’s a nice little thing for me to do in the evening to switch my brain off from uni stuff etc:

Blue: Barry M 295 Pale Turquoise

Yellow: Barry M 134 Yellow

I just bought myself a matt nude and top coat from Claire’s Accessories today, think I’m going to do nude with matt black tips later.


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