Raw Edged Beauty….

It’s been a strange weekend, we had three birthday celebrations and one of the girls was leaving from my work. We didn’t get to go to any of them though because Dave dislocated his shoulder playing rugby! The poor thing said he’d never been in so much pain (and he’s broken a lot of bones!!) It’s back in place now and he’s gone off to London to do a photo-shoot, I had to take him to the train station really early this morning and for that reason there’s no outfit post today.

I’m feeling rather pleased with the amount I’ve got done today, in particular this sample I made:

I think the raw edges really fit with my idea of the fragility of nature. It looks so beautiful I want to make myself a dress from it! The fabric consumption is going to be high but it is most definitely worth it.

I’ve also started working out all the pintucks for the bodice of this dress, but I want to check how the calico plain bodice piece fits the stand before cutting the pintucked paper pattern (just in case I need to make any further adjustments). It did occur to me though that if I really need to put a dart back in, I might be able to put it into one of the tucks.

One last thing, when I was in London I saw the Irregular Choice shoes that I want this season:

I tried them on and they look so amazingly awesome! Unfortunately for me they are £149.99 so not sure when I’ll actually be able to afford them, maybe I’ll have to wait till my birthday.


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