Meet My New Friend Christopher…..

Whenever I go to London I always buy one of the following from Topshop: a pair of tights, a ring or a Barry M nail varnish. Always have to have some jelly belly beans too!! On this occasion I bought two rings, I’ve named the top one Christopher:

Because he’s a crocodile his name has to start with a C, yes I may be a little crazy but hey.

The sun was shining again yesterday and I had Remi Nicole “Go Mr Sunshine” on repeat! Here’s me and Bracken dancing to it in the garden this morning!!:

And a better shot of my outfit:

Rings: Topshop

Leggings: Topshop

Jumper: H&M

Sandals: New Look

I had a really successful afternoon yesterday, I’ve started drafting the pattern of the next womenswear dress. It was more difficult than I thought; the bodice is made up with diagonal pintucks and so any darts would interfere with the lines of the tucks. However I still want the bodice to be fairly close-fitting and so have had to do a lot of dart manipulation! I know that it’s never going to be really close fitted with no darts but I think I’ve got it as close as it’s going to be. The paper pattern fitted to the stand quite well, so I just need to see what it looks like in fabric.


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