Getting Fabric Professionally Pleated….

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a week now, I sent two samples of fabrics to be professionally pleated after I decided that the pleating attachment for my sewing machine wasn’t going to work well enough. I had been told that synthetic fabrics hold pleats much better than natural fibres and so I sent 1 metre of silk crepe georgette and 1 metre of polyester chiffon to the pleaters so that I could compare. I also had two different types of pleats, the silk is 15mm accordian pleats and the polyester is 15mm flat knife pleats:

Silk Crepe Georgette set with 15mm accordion pleats.

Polyester Chiffon set with 15mm flat knife pleats

At the moment the silk seems to be holding the pleats just as well as the polyester, I assume that it would not withstand any washing or dry cleaning processes but this isn’t really an issue as they are not actually intended to be worn anywhere other than the catwalk show. I would actually like the pleats  to loosen a little so that they look more like this:

I’m hanging it up for a bit to see if they will loosen a bit.

These are terrible photos but I just draped each piece over my shoulder to see what they would look like as a sleeve:

This is the accordion pleats:

And this is the knife pleats:

I love how they both look, but I think I prefer the accordion pleats. I’m going to use the chiffon to toile the child’s dress sleeve, I don’t want to waste the silk on a toile as I may actually use it but I think it’s important to see how it will actually look with pleats in.


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