Squirrel Nutkin…..

The wood seemed the perfect place to photograph this dress. I love the squirrel print but it’s a big and I spent all day pulling it up! I’ve had such a lovely day, it’s so nice to not be freezing cold. I feel like I’ve got a lot achieved too; yoga, uni, dog walk, gardening, more  uni work and cooking!

The water in the ponds was so still and clear it created a perfect mirror image !! Squirrel Dress: Riko for Topshop Tights: Falke Cardigan: Topshop Brogues: Topshop Bracken had a wonderful time too:

This morning was interesting at uni; I had Start-Up Planning and Promotion and we were looking at brand identities. I chose three companies that I aspire to be like; looking at there logos, colour schemes, websites and photoshoots etc. I then had to present back to the group to explain why I liked these brands. The three I chose all had the following in common: pastel/natural colour schemes, clear crisp fonts and beautifully styled photoshoots. These are things that will be key to identifying my brand identity and so over the next week I will trial different fonts and colour palettes to try to decide which I feel suits my brand best.

I’ve very almost finished toiling the first of the womenswear dresses; lots and lots of pintucks. I’m a little annoyed with myself though as I’ve made such a basic mistake; I extended the waistband straight up 3cm and then removed 3cm from the bottom edge of the bodice so that each piece was the right length but should have also measured the width of these too. Instead of just extending the waistband straight up I should have measured the bottom edge of the bodice to make sure that the edges matched together. The front is 0.5cm short (on the half) and the back is 1cm short (on the half), it’s a very small difference but it makes a huge difference. I’ve adjusted the paper pattern so just need to re-toile the waistband pieces tomorrow. Then I’m off to London on Wednesday where I’ll hopefully get some fabrics.


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