Ready to start pattern cutting…

Yay, I saw Tracey on Friday and showed her all my designs and have decided on the 6 that I want to make. I need to redraw 2 of the children’s ones as I’m using some elements from other designs and then I can start pattern cutting. I think I’m going to start with the womenswear designs first as I don’t know for definite what age the children’s designs will be made in yet. I’m really looking forward to starting cutting and seeing how my designs will translate. I’ve already been thinking about how the pattern will be drafted, I’ve got quite a clear idea of what I think I need to do but whether it actually works is yet to be seen!!

I went to the print room too, I talked to the lecturer there about printing my fabrics. I’ve got this special paper to put my print designs onto over the next few days so that I can do some sampling, I’ve also found a company who will print on fabrics as small as A4 size too.

This was the outfit I wore on Friday, it was nice to keep my hair so simple for a change. A few people commented on how nice it looked which was funny because it’s the least effort I’ve put into styling it all week!

Blouse: Vintage from Teagowns and Textiles

Trousers: Miss Selfridge


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